I am an Artist
with a passion for creative collaboration.

What I Do


From corporate branding to small business logo design, concept art to storyboards, UI and app design to brochures and business cards, I work with a wide range of mediums in collaboration with my clients to discover and produce the art style and imagery that best represents their vision and goals.


I take design to completion on your project in every aspect. My passion to learn and discover has allowed me to work in Video Production, Editing, VR, Augmented reality, 3D Animation, Photography, Compositing, 360 Video, Interactive content, Web design, and more. This has given me years of experience working with the latest in technology and has pushed me to keep moving forward.


Because I embrace artistic collaboration, I also provide strategic marketing services. I believe the art you choose to represent your vision and goals should be tightly integrated into the way you present that art. Built into my core vision for art direction and strategy is a fundamental understanding of the importance of seeing every project as a collaboration and not just another paying job. I am invested in your work.


I will not sacrifice quality. I am upfront about the realistic nature of projects. I realize there are deadlines, and limited funding. I work fast and efficiently and I am willing to take every shortcut possible to keep your project under budget and on time, however I will not take shortcuts that degrade the quality of the work. My work is a representation of me as an artist as much as it is a representation of you as a company

About Me


Learn Create and Share are the basic values that drive my creative process. Outside of my professional career I have a desire to help build up artists to discover their potential. I have a vision for workshops and classes that take a collaborative approach to learning. Taking on projects together and discovering new skills while innovating new techniques. I am currently in the process of working on a project like this in order to discover the practical ways to make this dream a reality.
I am also a husband and father of two girls. My wife's motivation and drive inspires me, and my children's life and imagination move me. Although my family life may seem like a separate entity from my work life, it is a part of the fabric of what makes me who I am. My goals and hopes influence them as much as they influence me.

I am also a Christian. There are many misrepresentations of the Christian faith, and many of those bad examples have caused unnecessary fear. But it is important to share the value my faith adds to my art. Because of my faith in Jesus, I can take the approach of humble confidence. I know there is so much that I do not yet know. And I am confident because I do not find my value in how much I know. This allows me to be honest about what I can do for a project, while confident that I can learn and discover with my clients the best approach to take. I am confident in the skills God has graced me with, and take pride and care with each project I am blessed to work on.

A little history

Zowada Animated Productions: I started my career early on when I discovered I could make my own website. I began making sites for friends and family members, and eventually ended up making the website for a friend of the family, Dan Zowada, who hired me in full time and showed me how to use 3DStudioMax. Over the next few years, I was provided every opportunity to learn, new software, and new processes, unitl we turned his network support company into a full animation studio. We worked on local TV commercials, Web Animations, A Short Animated Film, and Alot of GM Automotive Animation.
Campbell Ewald: After spending some time doing freelance work I found my way into the web design department of Campbell Ewald, where I worked on interactive flash animations and UI. This work was great experience that taught me the value of efficiency and the importance of reproducible work.
Latcha & Associates: Over the next 8 years I worked in a new growing CG group working on an ever evolving process of photorealistic automotive CG. Some of the best CG Vehicles I have seen have come out of this group. This is where I learned the majority of my comping editing and advanced rendering skills. Many of the projects there gave me a chance to discover what it was to work on tight deadlines with a high expectation for quality.
3D Excite: I now work at 3DExcite in Royal Oak, which has provided me amazing opportunities. I am now Rendering full CG environments, heading up nominated web content with over 17 million views, developing apps, creating augmented reality experiences, working with the latest in VR technology, and creating engaging creative content with some of the most talented people in the industry. And this is just after 1 year. The future is bright.

Contact me

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Send me and Email: nicolasbulchak@gmail.com

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