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July 11, 2016

3 6 9 manifestation method example

So in that way of looking at this I can see how this method would be really easy and simple to include in your day yet it could potentially be very effective writing something out even nine times is probably not enough to make you completely bored and kind of resenting the fact that you’re doing it. And journaling really is one of my favorite manifestation tools and if you are not journaling i highly suggest you get on it but I can really see the benefit and why this method could work whether or not you believe in tesla’s magic numbers whether or not you believe in the second rule go ahead try it out. So the way the 3 6 9 method really works is super simple you guys. So as I said at the top of the video, today I’m explaining the 3 6 9 manifestation method to you. But when you watch a video like that it often doesn’t give you the real juice and the real knowledge behind why something works. I’m a spiritual life and business coach and this is my youtube channel. As I said in that video I’m not the biggest fan of that method because I feel like writing something out times is way too long. But you’ve probably watched a few videos of mine already so you probably already know that but the point is Tesla is a super interesting dude, a super interesting human who happens to be incredibly handsome. So the first thing I’m going to tell you is that this is so new that I haven’t actually given it a full shot of trying it out! There is a brand new manifestation trend hitting the internet these days! So basically what this method of manifestation is doing is charging on those numbers and using these numbers throughout your day to amplify your vibration so this kind of theory goes also hand in hand with another law of attraction rule so to speak which is the 17 second rule. And while you’re doing this while you’re writing out your intention three times you’re going to be thinking about it, thinking about it being present tense putting yourself in that state already having it feeling gratitude a feeling joy of feeling happiness. So thank you guys so much for watching this video today! Staying there for however long it takes to write out your intention. So if you are trying to manifest something and you’re thinking about it the idea is that if you’re thinking about it for a longer period of time like 17 seconds or longer it is going to give that thought more power. ... 3, 6, and 9 were divine numbers. nine times. Obviously, we’re not saying the 3 6 9 manifestation method works. That’s completely random but absolutely true true story! I lost my partner, my business, and my home overnight and ended up living in my parents’ basement. But we just choose to give some of our thoughts power and some of our thoughts we don’t choose to give enough power to. Like I said it is so new to me that I haven’t really had a chance to play with it but I am definitely going to give this a shot. Butt I’m going to tell you why this might work and hopefully, this will inspire you to give it a shot in your own world. There’s a HOT new manifestation technique taking the Law of Attraction world by storm. I really personally love journaling in the morning anyway so for me this is much more of a stretch to add a couple of small journaling sessions throughout the day. The newest trend to sweep through TikTok is the 369 Manifestation Method, which helps users claim has helped make their dreams and aspirations a reality. The Aligned Life is where I spill all my best tips for healing your past, increasing your worth and reprogramming your mindset so you can manifest the life of your dreams too. So it’s basically combining the three sacred numbers of tesla with this idea that holding a thought for 17 seconds or longer can change your vibration and put you in a different level in a different state of being that in turn makes you more magnetic to what you want. If that sounds like something you’re interested in then come on over to the site and send in your application because I would love to enroll you if it is a good fit I’ll leave a link for that in the description box below so come on over if you are interested.

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