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July 11, 2016

a level subject combinations

Maths attracts significantly more students than any other subject, with more than 90,000 people having sat A-level Maths exams this summer. Subject combinations Some subjects cover common ground – such as geography and environmental studies, or media studies and film studies. The list of facilitating subjects are based on Russell Group universities coming together to state a simple principle, says University of Sheffield’s head of admissions Lynsey Hopkins. “We don’t require four A-levels for any of our degree courses,” says Hopkins, “but one thing I see quite a lot of at results time is people who’ve overstretched themselves and instead of three good grades, they have four middling grades and just miss their offers.”, Finally, pupils shouldn’t always assume that if they were good at a subject at GCSE, they’ll do well at A-level. Some degrees and universities are highly specific about A-level combinations … Do at least one if you’re doing three A-levels, and consider two if you’re doing four.”. The extended project is a piece of independent research and writing completed alongside the formal A-level qualification. If you’re good at maths or science, but are more interested in studying an arts degree, what should you do. Keep up with the latest on Guardian Students: follow us on Twitter at @GdnStudents – and become a member to receive exclusive benefits and our weekly newsletter. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. We provide professional, interactive, bespoke presentations and training delivered to your students, parents or teachers at a very competitive rate. Some degrees and universities are highly specific about A-level combinations and grade requirements. ​It isn’t offered by every school, but if you’re applying to Sheffield then​ “it can be the thing that helps you achieve your offer”. Remember that within the A level programme the tutor will not be able to provide revision for this purpose but will give you guidance as to how to go about it and which web sites etc. You will probably have a good idea of what courses you wish to undertake, and might have already completed a lot of research into this. ), Maths and Statistics (for example: Maths, Statistics, Economics), Science (for example: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Psychology), Social Science (for example: Philosophy, Sociology, Environmental science). You don’t need to be sure of a top mark in maths or science to consider doing one of them at A-level, she says. “There are many fantastic degrees in the fields of maths and science where entry requirements aren’t necessarily high.” Getting a decent A-level grade in one of them - say a C or above - would mean you could realistically apply for a maths or science related degree with good career options, that would otherwise be barred to you. You’re not home free yet – they could still change their mind – but the next few months will be less agonising than for families whose offspring are still, understandably, dithering about choices that will affect the rest of their life. It’s worth remembering that from next academic year, A-levels will no longer be assessed in modules. If you are not choosing A levels in order to gain entry to a higher education course but for a career choice or work based skills programme you will again need to check with the organisation or work provider as to which combination is most suitable. Do universities prefer students with four A-levels? Taking time now to consider good A level combinations (or how to combine your Highers or IB subjects) will make life easier for you in the future. Good A level combinations tend to fall into the categories below, but there will be many crossovers: Jump to navigation Jump to search. “It’s worth considering which subjects you actually enjoy,” says Carys Roberts, head of admissions at Bangor University. Gauging how best to align your child’s interests with their talents, then matching the various A-level combinations against the myriad of degree courses out there is enough to bamboozle the savviest parent. Clearing tips August 12, 2020; Preview release of our improved ‘Career Cloud’ is now available April 29, 2020; Cloud Upgrade – Friday 16 August 2019 July 30, 2019; Search SACU. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our, Accredited Level 6 & 7 Diploma Courses – ATHE. You have established the entry requirements of the university, college or institution you are applying to. Here are the Recommended Subject Combinations for Secondary 2 Streaming/Secondary 3/O Level Subject Combination: – Additional Mathematics is a must – requirement for many university courses to have passed AMaths at O levels, or H1 Math at A Levels – which is equivalent to AMaths. We offer a range of services tailored for FE colleges & universities to help with outreach, marketing and student experience. However before you confirm your choices you need to make sure of the following: 1. For someone who doesn’t thrive in an exam setting, this could have serious implications on their final grades. Career Cloud. It just needs some intensive online research and a healthy dose of realism. If you’re a good all-rounder, and the International Baccalaureate is on offer at your school or sixth form college, then it too has value for those who don’t want to narrow their choices early on. Good A level combinations tend to fall into the categories below, but there will be many crossovers: Arts and Humanities (for example: English Literature, History, Philosophy), Business and Management (for example: Business Studies, Accounting, Politics etc. How much does university really cost students – and their parents? For GCE Advanced Level examination, you can select three (3) subjects from within five (5) main subject streams namely Arts, Commerce, Biological Science, Physical Science or Technology. You need to check they’re not too similar as some colleges and universities may not accept the combination for entry to higher level courses. This may not always be easy if you’re 15 - which is where help from parents becomes critical to success two years down the line. After AS levels: which subjects should students drop? 3. “But while you may have a degree or career aspiration at 15, that may change by the time you go to university. Oxford College course advisors will provide you with help and guidance regarding which of our online courses best suit your aims and objectives, ability, resources and study time. Remember that within the A level programme the tutor will not be able to provide revision for this purpose but will give you guidance as to how to go about it and which web sites etc. For example, science A levels assume a level of prior knowledge at GCSE; therefore if you have never studied science to this level you must expect to have to do extra work in order to ‘get up to speed’ as you study, as some topics will be presented with this assumption. Search. Recommended Subject Combinations. If you happen to be good at maths or science, yet feel you’d be more interested in studying for an arts degree at university level, that’s no reason to shy away from those subjects going into sixth form, says Pichlmann. As a parent, you can support them as they make the decision. PREFERABLE ‘A’ LEVEL SUBJECT COMBINATIONS Along with History it is useful to study English and any other ‘Arts’ or ‘Business’ subject. And quite a few people have achieved their offer that way.”, However passionate a pupil may feel about wanting to take certain subjects, don’t embark on an extra A-level and end up feeling overwhelmed.

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