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July 11, 2016

achievement of biotechnology in agriculture

1079-1086. 210-220. Springer, Cham. Somaclonal variation as a tool for crop improvement. Embryo rescue places embryos containing transferred genes into tissue culture to complete their development into whole organisms. Genetically engineered crop varieties that farmers deploy. DNA is the key to biotechnology and based on its understanding scientists have developed solutions to increase agricultural productivity. An example of traditional agricultural biotechnology is the development of disease-resistant wheat varieties by cross-breeding different wheat types until the desired disease resistance was present in a resulting new variety. Academic Press. Biotechnology enables improvements that are not possible with traditional crossing of related species alone. The researchers have isolated a gene from sunflower known as HAHB4, which helps the plant endure water shortages. Researchers have noticed that plants with high tolerance to salt stress possess naturally high levels of a substance called glycinebetaine. Drought tolerance potential of Vignamungo L. lines as deciphered by modulated growth, antioxidant defense, and nutrient acquisition patterns. Phillips, T., 2008. This is also known as rDNA technology; it produces transgenic organisms. Generally, the role of crop biotechnology for food security and poverty reduction should not be overrated. Resistance to Pathogenic Fungi and Bacteria. E-Credit Scheme, Career and Scope of Agriculture in Pakistan, Top 12 New and Innovative Business Ideas in Agriculture. Marker-aided selection is the identification and inheritance tracing of previously identified DNA fragments through a series of generations. Int J AdvBiotechnol Res, 1 (1), pp. Recent patents on food, nutrition & agriculture, 7 (1), pp. 1073-1090. Propagation of Jatropha Curcas and J. Curcas: A potential stress resistant plant. The protein is from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis, which has been used for decades as the active ingredient of some “natural” insecticides. Plant biotechnology kicks off into the 21st century. Herbicide Tolerant Crop Plants: Kang, M. S., Subudhi, P. K., Baisakh, N. and Priyadarshan, P. M., 2007. That gene is introduced into wheat, soybean and maize. 295-302. Muhammad, A., Arshid, P., Asim, Y., Rizwana, S., Fiaz, A. and Sami, S., 2010. bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, animal cells, plant cells etc. Biotechnology advances, 34 (6), pp. Embryo rescue is often used to facilitate “wide crossing” by producing whole plants from embryos that are the result of crossing two plants that would not normally produce offspring. Industrial Biotechnology Nanotechnology in agriculture 3 Ms Deepa Priya Nanotechnology in agriculture 4 Dr.R.Devika Economics of IPR Ethics 5 Dr.K.Velmurugan Human Molecular Genetics 6 ... “Life Time Education Achievement Award-2016” outstanding achievements … The following points highlight the eight achievements in Bio technology. Biotechnology, the use of biology to solve problems and make useful products. Bliffeld, M., Mundy, J., Potrykus, I. and Fütterer, J., 1999. Noman, A. and Aqeel, M., 2017. miRNA-based heavy metal homeostasis and plant growth. Elsevier. PSM Microbiology, 1 (2), pp. Embryo culture; Tissue culture; Production of somatic hybrids and cybrids; Increase biotic & abiotic stress; Development of herbicide-resistant crops; Increase nitrogen fixation capacity of the plant; Development of insect-resistant crops ; Development of virus-resistant crops; Development of other … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Read chapter CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Workshop on Biotechnology in Agriculture: Summary Report, Jakarta, Indonesia, March 13-14, 1986... Login Register Cart Help.

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