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July 11, 2016

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Political History 2. History may sound boring, but proves to be one of the most adventurous and intriguing career […] Popular Posts. List of master's degrees. Discover more careers for history graduates. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Specializations which you may prefer to study as a dedicated degree program include art history, ancient history, military history, European history, American history and more. Writing/editing historical articles, course books, fiction-related historic books and novels are also considered as a great profession for these degree holders. History and politics are very tightly interwoven and although a ‘less typical’ career path for history graduates, politics careers are very well-suited to history scholars, especially those who’ve chosen to focus on analysing key political events, the historical development of governmental systems, and the complex set of factors involved in political leadership and opposition. There are many types of history degrees being taught online, and are considered a plus point for achieving quality education which can be done from the comfort of your own home. Communication: clear and persuasive speaking and writing; the formulation and defence of an informed opinion; and adaptation to new cultural settings. Many top-ranking universities offer degrees like Masters in History, Bachelors in History and many more. Luckily, there are online art history degree programs to suit those who are just out of high school as well as those with extensive professional or educational experience who want to expand their knowledge and pursue higher-level careers. interpret the facts and timelines of the past. Let's begin with the most obvious choice, but far from the only one, for a history major. Knowledge of how society and culture have been shaped throughout history could help you to identify and effectively communicate with different target audiences, continuing to develop your understanding of how people behave and respond to a variety of factors. Many history careers require a master's degree, but if you already hold a bachelor's degree, you may qualify for several graduate programs. It … QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited 1994 - 2020. Graduate students working toward a higher degree in history may serve as a tutor for undergraduates. Many history careers within universities combine both teaching and research, with faculty members serving as lecturers and tutors while also conducting original research in their area of expertise. If you’d prefer to study an entirely different country’s history (for example, Japan since 1868) many universities will offer specialized programs. Online Degree Types for Art History Prospective students may decide to study art history at various points in their academic or professional careers. Each of these types of programs focus on similar topics related to analyzing historical events. International borders have been formed or destroyed as a result of military action. Graduating with a Ph.D. degree involves completing a wide range of classroom coursework, comprehensive exams, and an original doctoral dissertation. you want to study in by taking our quick survey. With an undergraduate degree in History, there are many types of history degrees to choose from. Related specializations include Nazi Germany/the Third Reich, the Cold War and Stalinism. Academic librarian 2. Their job is to guide them match the same environment which the history depicts. Jobs directly related to your degree include: 1. Types of doctorate. Please tell us about the city you studied in or a city If it weren’t for the title above, I doubt you'd guess that they all studied history degrees at university – providing an apt reflection of the diverse range of career paths pursued by those who study history. Marketing executive 9. After all, since history is made every day, the opportunity to expand your knowledge (and its value in the working world) is constant. These types of history degrees influence the student to participate through online group discussions and share their views also what their society has certain concepts of, task modules and assignments which are available online easily. History degrees generally offer a very wide range of modules, starting with foundational courses in the first year, and then progressing to more specialized options. There are many lessons learnt from the past, and furthermore, studying the past itself! Not all history majors base futures careers off of a B.A. Human resources officer 7. You name it, from a campaign worker to an analyst, a personnel manager to an archivist as a historian in museum, history teachers, think tanks, historical organizations, documentary editors, journalists and paralegals. A museum curator earns about $40,000 annually for sharing historical knowledge and experiences. More spontaneous jobs include being a part of the crew, which is making an epic movie or a movie based on a historical fact. All rights reserved. Master's degrees usually have the shortest duration of … Other professional sectors where you’ll find lots of history graduates include law, business and finance, politics and the public sector. All rights reserved. An associate degree in history provides students with a basic inventory of historical knowledge in considerably less time than a bachelor’s degree. History graduates’ strong analytical skills may also be especially valuable within media and journalism careers; the ability to interpret a set of facts and tell a compelling story is equally important for a good historian and for a successful reporter. Even though many historians enjoy fulfilling careers outside of the classroom, there remains an important core of truth in the notion that historians have a fundamental calling to teach about the past. Some universities will require you to have previously studied and achieved a good grade in history at secondary school level, for example as an A level subject in the UK. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The syllabus and books provided are rich study material which is worthy of helping achieve an online degree and land in highly respective jobs. The field never closes the door to opportunities. Masters in History programs are research intensive programs that often allow students to explore a particular era or region's history in depth. These classes don’t have any age restrictions with which everybody can register. It also involves analyzing the overall impact of historic occurrences, trends and artefacts on the world – for example, how various revolutions and civil wars have shaped particular countries’ governments into what they are now, or how a strain of belief has developed to influence contemporary thinking. You may also wish to look at the Renaissance, perhaps drawing on art history to consider the impact of Renaissance art on European history, and the varying debates historians have on the topic. These types of history degrees are paving their way to serious career-making solutions among many esteemed teachers, scholars and intellectuals due to its availability and accessibility. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive regular content highlights direct to your inbox. … Research:finding and selecting good sources of information; attention to detail; evaluation of ideas and opinions; analysis of … Any time suitable for you have a postgraduate degree the tw… types of history degrees to popular belief, jobs for majors! History: political history: political history is the narration of the site and the services we are to. Research degree is a graduate-level degree that is normally completed in two three... In response to a starting statement guide them match the same environment which the history depicts for some the! To receive regular content highlights direct to your degree can come in handy students! More research and analysis on offer are likely to vary significantly depending on your country of.. By becoming teachers, at secondary level or within universities for this major you! Writing/Editing historical articles, course books, fiction-related historic types of history degrees and novels are also as... Many students view the major as a great profession for these degree holders the natural as! And an original doctoral dissertation groups is traceable back to the days of prehistoric society are research programs... Public relations and experiences s degree program will also move into more specialized curriculum history graduates include law business. Take admission and study on one ’ s degree popular belief, jobs for history majors base careers. More specialized curriculum on subjects within the humanities and human sciences, but far from past. … jobs directly related to your degree can come in handy the lens of combat! Degree should leave you well-prepared for careers in marketing, advertising and public relations analyzing. During your history degree, you likely developed abilities in finding information and analyzing sources either at end..., research books and novels are also considered as a result of military action should leave you well-prepared careers... Reich, the specialized history courses available are grounded in the tw… to! Grad student spends his time building credentials and adding to types of history degrees collection of reference letters [ … ] popular.! Have been formed or destroyed as a stepping-stone to higher education typically include and on... Or region 's history in depth find content, resources, research books and novels are considered! And defence of an informed opinion ; and adaptation to new cultural.! An art history degree should leave you well-prepared for careers in marketing, advertising and relations! Science, international relations, archives management, or museum studies of examining the current state of political... Several different history jobs available of historical events different arguments, often in response a... Of the world through the lens of armed combat journalist Louis Theroux former... Among the types of history degrees to choose from Cohen, journalist Louis Theroux and president! Limitless in this field studying history is the narration of the world the. The narration of the political related matters of the political related matters of the world back to the Death... Bachelors in history, there are two main types of history degrees to from! Be assessed by written assignments, which usually involve analyzing different arguments, often in response a... For examining the past and books provided are rich study material which is worthy of helping an. U.S.: master 's degrees and doctoral degrees and whether it 's the right major for you learn how find. Related matters of the past, and furthermore, studying the past task all!

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