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July 11, 2016

cosrx moisture power enriched cream reddit

100% (5) Hydrium Triple Hyaluronic Moisture Ampoule . Copyright 2019. But three bumps on my chin and a proper pimple on my cheek are making me question all the things. I've been wanting to use it for a while now, but idk if I should get the essence or the cream. I can also report that the closed comedones on my forehead are almost completely gone and my nose looks like it doesn't have pores. USD 25.00. I've used PC, Corsx and Stridex. The 96 Snail Mucin Essence Pry it from my cold dead hands. If you haven't bought from there before you can get someone's referral code and get $10 off a $15 order and decided whether you hate it or not, I've been using the BHA for almost 2 weeks now and I can't believe how amazing it is. I didn't much like the PC at all. Any ideas how does the cream fare against the Essence? I am right with you. Sorry for all the questions. Triple Hyaluronic Moisture Ampoule (40ml) Centella Aqua Soothing Ampoule (40ml) Moisture Power Enriched Cream (50ml) Green Tea Aqua Soothing Gel Cream (50ml) - I ordered this one today. This product is magic! Posts or comments solely discussing Western products will be removed, as per our rules. Now if only the post office would bring me my Jolse order that has BPL in it!!!! I'm only on week 2 with corsx. So I'm getting tiny closed comedones on my chin and my nose, and now 2 surface level pimples - one on each cheek. Thank you! We are here to hold your hand through this - we'll all get through hopeful. All of these items are currently available on YesStyle. Moisturiize well and use hydrocolloids! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AsianBeauty community. Scared. Not too heavy, not too runny, perfectly hydrating and healing. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Is your skin pretty used to acids? I had to back off it a month ago because using it every other day was overexfoliating me. My butt, thighs, upper arms, knees and elbows have not been this smooth since childhood. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The COSRX Acne Pimple Patch: These are the best ones I've tried. I really want this to work :(. 2 surface level pimples, about 4 - 5 closed comedones on my chin, 1 - 2 on my nose (where I usually never break out). And since we're talking BHA Blackhead power liquid-- If you have any rough skin or KP on your body, put this stuff on it. COSRX, Inc. All Rights Reserved. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Hydrium Green Tea Aqua Soothing Gel Cream Hydrium Moisture Power Enriched Cream Propolis Light Cream Pure Fit Cica Cream Volume 50ml / 1.69 fl.oz 50ml / 1.69 fl.oz 65ml / 2.19 fl.oz 50ml / 1.69 fl.oz Benefit Cooling, Refreshing Long-lasting hydration Moisturizing, Glowing … Oh my god yes! I think I gave up on the BHA more than a week ago but am still getting spots? I'm about 2 weeks into using CosRX BHA blackhead power liquid (4x week) and I can tell you the following: Within 3 uses I was experiencing purging in the areas where I normally have some closed comedones and the occasional pimple (mostly chin and forehead). Agreed! They adhere nicely to the skin so I can go to sleep and they're still on when I wake up. I had to stop because it was so intense I couldn't tell if I was purging or dying. It is amazing!! I'm trying to go slow to begin with because I don't know how my face is going to handle it, but man, even with twice a week there are all these CCs! I hope you see amazing results too, Thanks! I tried the BHA Liquid and was meh on it, but I loved the Resist BHA and purchased it. What is the difference between the two? Everything else exactly the same its always been since I went back to my pre-AB routine now. I've tried other snail mucins (Mizon, Benton, and various other sample packets), but this is the one I keep coming back to. This is an automated message. So. I've only used it twice in the last week - on the other days, I was OST 21.5ing up my face in the spot in my routine where the active would go. We love being able to discuss Western skincare in the context of a holistic AB routine, but this isn't the sub for specific Western product recommendations. I use it once or twice a week now and feel like I'm never ever going to stop purging. Thank you for sharing this! Do you use it once at night or day and night? Totally worth the struggle. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

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