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July 11, 2016

dark souls 3 fps drops

Before and during this dip. 1) Issue with Vive Pro performance (but now we talking VR) 2) fanatec wheel issues 3) DS3 recent issues. My intel cpu gets one core used to 70% and the others are near idle at 30% My gpu also has 8gb vram (laptop 980m) so thats not a limitation either. The only way to "fix it" if u have a low/mid-end 2gb videocard is to lower the resolution. I got my DS3 behaving "better" but there is still a slowdown ... which looks like on disk write. Like the original Dark Souls, performance is heavily dependent not so much on video card performance as single-threaded processor performance. Around 70/80 ... now always 60. Not sure if there is a memory leak tied to playing in 3440x1440p 100Hz or why exactly Win10 and DS3 misbehaves like it does. HD activity is near to nothing, even during FPS drop. You will see at most a 10 to 15% performance increase when switching to Windows 8.1/10 and even then it won't improve for all scenarios/types of work loads. Any ideas most welcome at this point. Intel i7 920 @ 2.66GHZ (Released in 2008, D0 Stepping). Yes, have it tried it ... thought it was part of the problem but its not. I am … I can play witcher or whatever high end game at near max settings and my Titan XP has no problems with no nearly no FPS lag or GPU drop. I recently purchased Dark Souls 3 and I'm having some issues with small fps drops here and there. If I run back and forth the drop will always come. The irony, (for now - want to do more samples tonight) but it looks like the CPU, GPU drop on a large HD write with a matched rise in Virtual & Physical ram avail ... like a OS disk flush. So I have also refreshed my BIOS and removed all my overclocking and memory tweaks (just running stock). I have played Dark Souls 3 since release and I know the few problems with it, like I have to use NVidia Drivers 314.22 to play with my GTX 580. GPU: No here is the weird part. I’m a long time DS/demon souls fan. Portugiesisch). dark souls3 mod for fps drops - posted in General Dark Souls 3 Discussion: I strongly believe that what causes issues with the frame rate of the game are all the particels that incluse smoke,fog and mist effects. I get the same fps at 1080p max that I get at 800x600 low, which should remove any and all bottlenecks at such a paltry resolution. Fast google, no one could really help about it. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Lastly I notice some odd HDD activity on due to win10 checking away status (forgot the .cpl, something away or idle) file. [DARK SOULS 3] "Fix" to FPS drops in some areas, There is a lot of "fixes" out there for this problem, but the real thing is that this game uses a lot of VRAM(videocard memory) in some areas and if you dont have the recommended videocard u will experience fps drops. But dark souls 3 gets constant drops to 15-20 fps. Mind sharing your setting? I had made all the GPU tweaks suggested in the threads below. Thanks! This did not impact the issue I had, only the RAM helped the most. Blows away any other tool I had used before and so easy to use. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. Mm, will do ... weird if that is it since its only in DS3. I may run some load software to see if where other issues are. When DS3 released I got the above issue and never quite managed to resolve it. Try Processor affinity to tie one CPU to DS3.exe only. But still working the issue, thank you. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Also after about playing for 2-3 hrs straight the problems seem to get worse again ... but a simple restart of DS3 clear and free up all the cached RAM and again Win10 and DS3 is "happy". You cant make magic, but u can make the game run smoother and thats what this discussion is about.

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