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July 11, 2016

debate language b2

Here is a suggested way of structuring the activity: Have students look at the underlined words and phrases in the texts they’ve looked at; have them infer meaning from context and take note of collocations and useful expressions. (This should spark off a lively debate). And in a community that praises itself as democratic and respectful to wishes of others it is in no way acceptable that the rights of some get abused by the wishes of others. This is another guest post by Soleil García Brito. It is a parental right to decide whether or not to vaccinate their child. Students will have to stretch their vocabulary to find words to describe concepts they don't necessarily share. Download the handouts below: Discourse Analysis: Guardian 5-minute Debates. Split the class into two groups: the dog group and the cat group. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has refused to rule out children being kept out of schools if they haven’t been vaccinated against measles, but infection experts have said that this drastic solution could fuel a rise in the anti-vaxxer movement. Credit to: http://www.buzzfeed.com/tracyclayton/moral-dilemmas-that-will-break-your-brain#.lhwmbK9XK, Image credit: www.cleverprocrastination.com. An English Learning Club is a terrific way to improve spoken English skills.. English Learning Clubs have the added benefits of being a great way to make new friends, learn about topics you might not have been aware of, and even hone your debating skills. Do the British public trust health care professionals? Once they have shared their different schedules set the class a time limit depending on their level to quickly read the article and underline any unfamiliar vocabulary. Divide the class into 5 groups and write the 5 senses on small pieces of paper. Are there any advantages to be being blind? You can structure the debate in many ways. Now tell students that you have counterpoints to each of the points they’ve just looked at. § I’m afraid I can’t agree. Moreover, MMR vaccines may cause a child who is genetically predisposed to have autism, due to the Thimerosal, which is a compound that contains mercury. Go online in search of information around vaccinations and you’ll find social media is awash with anti-vaccination propaganda. B2 . Give them a few minutes to think of some arguments and every day situations to back them up. Do you think the current system helps people be efficient? Some put this down to what’s known as the anti-vax movement. Formal phrases and structure PDF . You can download the lesson plan below: How do you feel when you see a blind person in the street? Debate Language Phrases Opening the debate: [a nice opening is using a quote] Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this debate. § Never in a million years! This activity can be structured in many ways depending on class size, level and time constraints. Below you will find they advanced adults version of the activity. So you know what they say: Fake it … Alternatively, you could set an essay based on the TED talk evaluating Daniel Kish’s upbringing compared to more conventional parenting styles for blind/disabled children. Play devil’s advocate and ensure that students debate each topic thoroughly. Debate Structure. Evidence also suggests that immunizations damage the immune system itself, because vaccines trick the body so that it will no longer initiate a generalized response. The topic of the debate is: In the debate the two speakers (Michael Rosen and Lindsay Johns) are specifically talking about London street slang. You’re not seriously suggesting that…, are you? Give out the transcript and show students the powerpoint. You could also ask students to choose their favourite expressions from the list to encourage ownership of the exponents. Take a look at the topics, click one, and get your conversation questions! If_____ hadn’t invented_____, _____ wouldn’t have happened. If you had to lose one of your senses, which would you choose and why? Many worry that the MMR jab can cause autism, a theory stemmed from the British former doctor Andrew Wakefield. As seen not to vaccine children can represent a danger for their future, there should be no ultimate power of parents to prevent vaccine jabs.

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