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July 11, 2016

examples of imperative sentences in german

However, the personal pronoun Sie (you) now comes after the verb. Give me the book! Dog trainers figured this out long ago! Hopefully, this article was of some use for you. The imperative is formed with the stem of present tense geh. (You should do it.). Please check your email for further instructions. German also expresses commands or requests in ways intended to sound less imperious. Chances are you won’t be so concerned about being polite when you’ve narrowly escaped being knocked off your bike by a passing motorist, or find yourself the subject of unwanted advances while out on the town. The imperative is formed in different ways depending on the subject and the type of verb. Examples:Call me tomorrow! (Download). Okay, so German may not be the classic language of love. You might be surprised at the number of situations you’re likely to encounter where you want to react spontaneously and quickly with an imperative expression. Once you have filled all the gaps, just click on the “correct” button and  you can see your errors and the correct results. Especially for people learning German it is essential to know the correct flection of a verb (rettet - rettete - hat gerettet). Imperative of the verb gehen. Thanks for subscribing! But this is not the case when this consonant is an “m, n, l, r” or “h” (but not “ch”). Well, the imperative for “ihr” is the finite verb form of the 2nd person plural, but without the pronoun. Note: You can also use the verb lassen (to let, or to leave) to give an imperative direction to a collective “we.” In this case, it works just like the du form that we looked at already, coupled with the infinitive version of the particular action verb. “, Second, in case the stem of the present tense form ends in ‘d’ or ‘t’, just add ‘e’. Formation of the German imperative sentence. Actually, we form the imperative of “du” by removing the ending ‘-en’ from the infinitive. Need some life guidance? The fact is, the German language is often simply more direct than English in many respects, and you’ll find the imperative form is used often in conversation. By the way, in case you want to go deeper into future tenses, have a look at this excellent article on Wikipedia. Even if you don’t have a German Fido around, getting the hang of the imperative verb form is an essential step on your path to German fluency. - Ruf (formal: rufen Sie) mich morgen an! Well, first of all we should talk about when you actually should use the German imperative. Okay, so German may not be the classic language of love. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn German with real-world videos. You can also tell someone to sit by simply stating Sitz!. Therefore you should really try to memorize them. Some verbs are irregular to the second person singular. In the following you will see some phrases that you should complete with the correct terms. If you can’t borrow one from a neighbor or friend, try signing up to offer your services here. Time to Mach Übung (get some practice)! Okay, maybe it can sound a little bit rude sometimes. (arbeiten/nicht so viel) [Don’t work so much!] Of course, you will have to do the translation work. Take this one for instance. Of course, you do this unconsciously in your native language. And there are these ignorant people that only know the sound of German from speeches of Nazis out of documentaries on TV. Die Konjugation des Imperativs im Deutschen. Obviously, it depends on the context. (Give me the book!). In the following, we will list some situations where the usage of German imperative is absolutely right. After that, we will define what it actually is and have a detailed look at its usage. (You (all) give me the book.). Use numbers 1 to 4 to add vowels and special characters. Learning German becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Definition und Anwendung des Imperativs im Deutschen. So, this first form of the German imperative is quite easy to form. (Call me if you need anything.). Just as in English, requests can be softened by stating a desire in the general subjunctive. The change of the vowels of the stem of a verb from “e” to “i”/”ie” is also valid for the imperative forms. Nevertheless, on the one hand, German CAN be beautiful! When the stem of the present form ends with a consonant + “m”/”n”, you always add an “e”. So, as you have chosen this article on language-easy.org, I think you’d like to enter into this part of German grammar. You might say: “Cross the road, turn left and go straight ahead for two blocks, then take the next street on the right.”. In case the verb ends with “eln” or “ern” you normally add an “e”. is the imperative form of kommen meaning Come! First, there is no vowel change from ‘a’ to ‘ä’ in the German imperative. Don’t despair, it gets easier! So, I think we should just do a short list of all the most important ones to get a good overview. The endings -e, -en, -t, -en are appended to the stem. So, where English-speaking people wouldn’t use the imperative because it might sound rude, Germans use it to express things more directly. German Imperative. These are probably the most satisfying opportunities you’ll have to apply the imperative—or conversely the most frustrating if you don’t know how to use it! Other Forms of the Imperative. You could say: Du solltest das machen. Others might even say that it sounds horrible. But there is no better language for giving commands. In case the stem of the present form ends in “d”/”t”, you always add an “e”. Not just for those with multiple personalities, this one you’d use when addressing a group that includes yourself. Well, first of all we should talk about when you actually should use the German imperative. You could deliver these in the present tense, but let’s face it, you’re likely to be here all afternoon. Take Komm gib mir dein Hand—can you spot the artist? Because the subject (we) in this case is accusative, wir becomes uns, giving us: For these, only the -t is removed from the present tense form (not the whole -st). Good luck and… auf Wiedersehen! Ihr gebt mir das Buch. This "-e" ending is usually dropped in spoken German and quite often in written German as well. Although this may sound rude to you sometimes, it is not meant like that. So, let’s come to the central aspect of this article about German imperative. You just drop the ihr (you). It may not come naturally to use the imperative regularly at first. (You give me the book.). So far we’ve looked at examples of forming the imperative for du, i.e. This used to be the way the form was written, and is still valid in written German, though these days no longer spoken. As a third-person statement: Wheelchairs [should] please use the other entrance on the west side. - Gib (formal: geben Sie) ihnen das Geld! retten conjugation Then say the same friend goes to cross the road without seeing a car approaching, and you yell “Watch out!” Again, another “imperative” situation—and one where you won’t want to be casting around for the right verb construction! In that simple sentence, you’ve already used four imperative verb constructions. Once you’re warmed up with the imperative, keep building on your conversational skills with a few casual slang words. Click on the desired character below and it will appear in the active field. Click here to get a copy. All Rights Reserved. Not so much an exception as a variation, you might see an extra -e added to the end of the imperative form for du at times. Well, first of all we should clear up what the German imperative actually is.

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