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July 11, 2016

feeling ill after eating duck eggs

My son and I had farm fresh eggs this morning and we are both very gassy and have stomachache. Is there some place where you can get really fresh eggs to test the theory out? I really miss eggs. It is also a problem when chicken has been left out too long or comes in direct contact with animal feces. It HAS to be. For the most part, when you buy something “old” in a “fresh” department, it is because a worker messed up. I always test them in water to make sure they don’t float. Once the bloom is removed, anythinh those eggs are exposed to are going to draw it in through the pores ofvthe shell. Oh that sucks, corn syrup is in everything!! Thanks for this article, at lease I know now that I am not alone in this what seems to be “sensitivity” to eggs! We raised chickens and those were the best eggs! I subscribed to your site. I tolerate them just fine if in things, just not eggs by themselves. My son has eosinophilic esophagitis caused by food allergies and we are working closely with a pediatric gastroenterologist to diagnose exactly what foods he's allergic to. I never thought about the sulfur building in eggs. i cannot take vitamin supplements because of migraine headache with B vitamins. I have never in my 53 years been allergic to eggs. Send your story ideas to yorkslincs.news@bbc.co.uk. Then about a year ago became so ill.. vomiting stomach cramps. The post and the comments were so interesting to read! I may have cracked the code on why some eggs leave me feeling nauseous and achy, while others leave me feeling fine. I had the exwct same symptoms on Sunday after having pancakes for breakfast. McDonald’s had nothing to do with finding out what was going on. But even after today’s feeling awful experience this gives me hope to keep trying and some ways to experiment! I know this article was written over 4 years ago, but I just found it tonight. So, I’m thinking that there is a relationship between eggs and gallstones. Yesterday I ate 2 and they tasted great, no sickness, this morning i ate 2 more from the same carton and I got sick so I’m not sure about the freshness thing. Still the same on and off nausea with them. I was scared to ask our dinner guests from the night before if they felt sick. Thank you. Unfortunately that’s not the case with me. But that was a LONG time ago, and it hadn’t occurred to me to check and see if their methods had changed. Do you feel sick after eating eggs, but not all eggs? Last night we didn’t have any eggs and I woke without a headache and allergy symptoms. Same problem since my second child. I have eaten eggs from the farmer’s market for at least five years. My brother thought maybe he just needed to cook the eggs more well done if they’re fried and that didn’t work either so I’m thinking you’re right and the eggs need to be super fresh. What makes this so interesting is that I too am 40 and will be 41 in a couple months. I feel its a combo of age and chicken diet. I’ll update the post! It appears I can have fried and scrambled eggs and do fine, but not boiled eggs. I hope he gets better soon, and that you find some answers. I have been doing tons of research on this topic, as I am exactly like you…no pain with baked or boiled eggs. I use flax, the “wonky cake” recipes and if we are craving scrambled eggs I use tofu! I love eggs especially hard boiled so it’s upsetting to think it could be what’s bothering me. So true! I found it very revealing, as I have become intolerant to eggs I buy at the store. Niptoon Tavakoli's family said he fell ill after consuming duck eggs bought at a village fair. So I’m wondering: Did you have any sort of abdominal surgery or trauma that you can remember? Mainly they cause gastric problems, like stomach pain, diarrhea and nausea. 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I dont understand why I cant find an egg in Canada but Cuban eggs are fine. Could be the grease from the sausage and the hash browns. Then the next time I bought them, I felt sick again. But why?! At least I think we’re finally on the right track. I raise chickens for eggs only, I ran out of eggsyesterday so I bought some nice brown eggsfrom the grocery store. I have some ideas to try now… but in regards to genetics/ DNA/ genes… the mutation could have been “turned on” so to speak when you reached 40… weirdest thing is that is when my problem started too, This reminds me of a meme I saw on Facebook today: “Welcome to your forties! The difference for us is that we only eat freshly laid eggs from my sister’s ducks and he still can’t handle it.

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