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July 11, 2016

followers of ares in megaris

Then head to the location and steal the maps. The answered to the riddles and the corresponding questions are mentioned as follows: Seeking Answers Once she has been defeated, take the loot. Completion of all three will unlock ‘By the Fates’ main story mission. Head to the Olouros Fortress, grab the item there and bring it back to Xenia to complete the final treasure hunting quest for her. There are a few enemies and a big chest for you to find at the end of the cavern. The quest is triggered thereafter and forms a part of the many quests under the main story mission ‘Island of Misfortune’. Portion Control - Megaris Quest Walkthrough Quest Reward Pick your Poison: In one of the treasure chests in the Mycenaean Ruins in the Kythera Town of Pilgrim Hill, you will find a bag of poisons. Once you get there, talk to the Master who is somewhere near the center of the area. The rewards include The Colors of Keos itself, Pirate’s Blade for a weapon, a high number of Drachmae and some XP to go along with it. This quest is given to you by the namesake of the quest at the Hippodrome in the Valley of Olympia. This quest is once again given to you by Odessa. Now, let us take a look at all the World Quests divided according to their district on the map. Son of a Fisherman Family Values Either deal with the soldiers by eliminating them or aid them instead, in breaking the merchant’s pots. After you finish the quest above, you can start this one by talking to Kleon again. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. The best way of going about which the side quests is by seeing which one’s closer to your level so you don’t find anything too challenging for you own good. There is only one map per item so you do not need to know which map is accurate. All of these 3 quests are a continuation of Art Leading Life. The first one can be found on the left side of the statue’s foot. She will ask you to find a traitor and inquire about a handmaiden at Olive Farm in Pilgrim Hill. She's an Epic-level lieutenant with fire-boosting abilities. In order to start this quest, you need to go and talk to your little friend Phoibe in Markos’ Vineyard. Before completing ‘A Debt to Pay’ main quest, you will be required to loot another treasure chest to receive a letter. Fun fact, this is the cave the traitor to Leonidas used to lead the Persians around the Spartans. Note the 4 symbols on the scytale in your inventory and interact with the symbols in the same order to complete the puzzle, unlock the door and loot the chest. Pieces of the Puzzle When you acquire this quest from Morys, a construction worker over at Lato in Minotaur Hills, head to the nearby Leader House and search the second level of the building. Once there, walk to the east dock. You can sneak around them or kill them one by one. Escort Service In Eastern Chora, Cradle of Myths on Seriphos Island, there is a young girl by the name, Khloe who needs help with some jewelry items that you need to gather for her. This quest is given to you by Phaidon in Lavrio, Attika. The first piece, The Daughters of Artemis Boots, is found in the Artemis Cave west of the Huntress Village. The quest will revolve around investigating the murder of the man’s son. Eliminate him and then proceed to deliver a killing blow to the leader of Messara who will be residing in Daidalos Fort in one of the buildings to the north, at night. Start this quest by talking to Preist. Return to Markos to complete this quest. He is tied up next to the water and there are a total of 6 guards around him. Once you are there, talk to him and decide whether or not you want to let him live. She is in a farmhouse near you. Chip on your Shoulder You earn medium XP as the reward. This one is located in the Korykian Cave situated in Grand Mount Parnassos in Phokis. Start this quest by talking to Timoxenos. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide by gamepressure.com. You'll be presented with options on how to get the medicine from the Megaris merchant. Fight off some enemies in a surprise attack and then speak with Kalibos to finish the quest. There, in the docks region is a cave holding Davos’ brother, Orneos. After doing so, return to your quest giver, Lanike to get Spartan Grain Scythe, XP and Drachmae. Stairway to Olympos For this elixir, you need to find and hunt both bears and deer. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. Head to Thebes Gymnasium in Cursed Land of Oedipus and speak with Melanippos. Accept this quest from Xenia once you are Level 28 or higher and are done with Chapter #6. Mallet of Everlasting Flame (Heavy Blunt), Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon (Heavy Bladed), 【Genshin Impact】Star Of Destiny - Co-op Event Guide, 【Genshin Impact】Unusual Hilichurls Location, From the Spartan camp on the beach, follow the main road until you come across Spartan soldier Dolios, Talk to him to initiate the investigation of the stolen goods crime scene, Search the area for 3 Investigation points, Head towards the forest until you happen upon a small cave, Go inside the small cave to initiate the cutscene with the Megarians, Once you've finished with the villagers, head back to Dolios to end the quest, Talk to the Spartan Hoplite in the Megaris Spartan camp by the beach, Head to the marker to find the location of the spy - he is guarded by 2 soldiers, After dealing with the spy, return to the Spartan Hoplite & give back the tablet to end the quest, Go to the outskirts of Port Nisaia to find Odessa, Head out into the Valley of King Lelex & search for three bundles of medicinal herbs, Go into the city to find the merchant that has the medicinal concoction for Odessa's father, After getting the medicine, go back to Odessa's farm & kill the ambushing bandits, Talk to her about the ambush to end the quest, After finishing "A Family Ordeal" side quest, talk to Odessa once again, After getting more information from Odessa, head into Megaris & find the Leader House, Search the 2nd floor of the house for 4 Investigation Points, After you've found all the clues, head back to Odessa & speak to her to end the quest, (OPTIONAL): Recruit Odessa into The Adrestia.

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