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July 11, 2016

hospital playlist dramabeans episode 3

Hospital Playlist: Episode 11 by lovepark. Poor thing was stripped bare of any make up and constantly hanging on to the end of her tether. Clearly this guy plays his cards super close to his heart. They’ve experienced things, been through things, and they’ve done all of that both together and apart. In fact, it actually deterred me from jumping on their ship because I was worried about the implications their relationship would have on their decades-long friendship. Ik Jun, being the true one of the 13 fathers in GS who coddle her and treat her like a princess, immediately complimented her. appId : '127538621120543', :). fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); // Load the SDK asynchronously Drama Korea bertema persahabatan yang dibumbui dengan cinta bisa menjadi pilihan untuk ditonton, Tak hanya mengharukan, rekomendasi film ini menceritakan perjuangan guru demi pendidikan anak bangsa, Ada Rizky Nazar, Syifa Hadju, dan Riza Syah juga, Digantikan oleh Boy William, kini Daniel Mananta bersyukur memiliki banyak momen di Indonesian Idol, Glamping bisa menjadi pilihan yang tepat untuk refleksi di akhir pekan, Ditambah aroma kemangi yang menggoda selera, Rambut ikalnya sering bikin penggemar gemas #IDNTimesHype. Meanwhile, in the PICU, Jae-hak jerks awake when the monitor beeps, and he calls Joon-wan for help. I can never be that honest with my superiors haha. , Yes. Seok Hyung - busy with parental probs and knowing him, he might just give away all his inheritance to the programme. Rollercoaster ride of emotions. Please dont bring it back. Its not off by any means. Also Songhwa x Chihong!!! Seo Ye Ji won Actress of the Year, good for her totally. Kini season 1Hospital Playlist atau Wise Doctor Life sudah berakhir. Both culminating with our doctors at the mercy of the situation, though one is better than the other. While the romance aficionado in me is frothing at the mouth at all the potential ships, given the nature of this show and how it’s carefully unfolded over the past 10+ weeks… I’d be perfectly content if they all stayed tucked neatly in their harbor. Ik-Joon: Mis-timing Love But will that happen? Seok-hyung tells her to take the call, but Min-ha brushes it aside since her friend calls her ten times a day. (massive FFing in the last six episodes) And Ik-joon's impersonation of the Korean subway announcement voice was just gold. While it ended on a dramatic note (and another cliffhanger! As Min-ha gets off at her stop, she turns to Seok-hyung and asks him to not pretend her confession didn’t happen. While Joon-wan drives, Jung-won tells him that he sold his car, and Joon-wan is aghast at the news. He was upset that he came to know about her admission through a colleague and he is worried about an imminent breakup. Joon-wan really shined silently this episode. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; She knew how much he fought for her baby and that quiet moment was soo powerful in relating her gratitude in such a devastating moment and really spoke that true care shines through even when you're not parading it for the world to see. Just as Song-hwa is about to eat, Ik-joon stops her and counts down from three. Remember, "Andrea, hang in there (as a Doctor) for another year" or something close to that. Jung Kyungho is playing this character with confidence and ease, and once again injects earnestness and his unique brand of liveliness in a character that could otherwise be bland in the hands of a less-skilled actor. Re: Jong soo, dollars to donuts, his career took him away from parts of the family dynamic for long clips at a time. It's more work for us to infer things, but I like that I'm not being spoon fed all the information. What I interpret out of this is that Jeong-won may or may not have feelings for Gyeo-wool, and is trying to avoid those feelings due to his long-time dream of priesthood. Connect with Facebook And you're fully aware of it, right? I mean JWan is strict as a doctor with himself and others but he's never unfair. As they eat bread, she asks about his girlfriend, and Joon-wan says that he’ll introduce her to them later. Wangsimni" He confessed to her that he is in fact Daddy Long Legs (Grandpa Long Legs to her, lol). I'm glad he found out through the director's WORDS just like how Min-Ha who learned that her supervisor actually cares for her through Suk-Hyung and the nurse words. - they present their shows through the lenses of certain povs only, and deliberately hide and witheld the pov of certain others that are vital for the audience to make safe conclusions from. This might be his shortcoming in relationships. What I meant to communicate was that they helped contextualize a lot of the defensiveness I was seeing on behalf of JW across many platforms but clearly failed to put it in writing correctly. Thanks to the YT reviews and comments that caught this moment! I love both Ik Joon and Chi Hong, but my heart bleeds more for IJ. As she cries, he comforts her, telling her that this happens to others as well and promises to do his best to protect the child. The director was absolutely right about Dr Chin and how he can never be in a leadership role and that is why the director asked Joon won to take it on because the man has all the qualities and more to be the chief of the department and more. Back in the present, the director tells Jae-hak that Joon-wan apologized to the guardians and promised to take responsibility for his resident. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I actually made a mental note to be like Junwan in being mature in relationships. // Load the SDK asynchronously Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Before he leaves, Joon-wan kisses Ik-soon, and she smiles to herself. They need to run additional tests to verify his prognosis, but Ik-joon tells the crying family to stay optimistic since the cancer may be operable. Guy was trying to be mature and accepting the GF’s best friend but jealousy struck n he took it back, maturity out the window! js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; Steel Rain 2, Completed with skips or FFing: His uncharacteristic lack of feedback on her recent escapades (running to catch the abusive dad/get the transplant liver in faster/truth attack on the druggie) is definitely what’s fueling many of our shipping hearts. A hug for everything you went through this episode! How is he supposed to outrightly reject her when she has yet to confess to him? It is still possible for him to be a priest later on, right? FB.init({ hahah i thought it was cos both of them are as cool as winter, but turns out it's their names.. :), Interestingly, she looked more beautiful stressed lol. And Eun won, yeah, she only got into this to marry up.

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