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July 11, 2016

hot water crust pastry fillings

The resulting pie has bowed edges and a unique shape. I bet she was thrilled with these! These look so delicious! We won't send you spam. With fork incorporate surrounding flour until fat is evenly distributed. The recipe specifies using a saucer as a stencil to cut out bigger pastry rounds. Lay all the pasties on a lined oven tray. GG. It makes cleaning up all that flour so much easier. I always use rough puff . In fact, the filling is made up of lots of vegetables with a little chicken and instead of pouring gelatine enriched stock into the finished pie, the filling is bound together with a gravy thickened with cornflour. I haven’t used hot water pastry so I will give that a try. Knead it gently until it forms a smooth ball. Even though it looks like it, I don’t have a massively swollen hand. To prepare frozen pasties, let them thaw on the bench then heat them in a 180C oven for about 10 minutes. These look great, the recipe is very similar to traditional Cornish Pasties here. They were so deliciously good I’ll be making up another batch to keep in the freezer. Learn to to create 11 easy, tasty meals using just 12 basic ingredients from your pantry & freezer - no running to the shops. This recipe can be prepared in 45 minutes or less. Brush the pasties with a little bit of milk. Once the dough has come together, place it to one side and lightly grease a 10” springform tin. Golden brown; solid; filled with a tasty meat interior; the hot water crust pie is a British classic. x. This worked perfectly for me. ( Log Out /  I would score major brownie points with my husband if I made these! Yes it will take a bit longer for them to cook but you’ll just have to keep an eye on them. Divide the dough in half and cover one half with a tea-towel to keep it warm. I always use my silicone baking mat for things like this. The hot water partially cooks the flour giving the dough a more rubbery and pliable texture. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20). Have a good one and I will be back next week with a recipe for a fruity dessert. With a hot-water crust, instead of cutting cold fat into flour and then adding cold water, boiling Pour boiling water over fats in bowl, stirring fats and water with a fork until water is incorporated (some of fat will still be in lumps). Start the pastry by combining the butter, water and salt over low heat. It also freezes very well which is perfect if you are cooking it for yourself as it makes a lot of portions. Fry until the onion turns translucent and then add both the garlic and the carrots. Serve with fresh vegetables. I was doubting it a little cause it was so easy but it was delicious. Alternatively, serve them up straight away. The filling does look too simple to be tasty but they are lovely. You can make a pretty scalloped edge if you like. Using fingers can give a lovely crimping effect. Claire, you are such a sweet granddaughter! Hot water crust is a fantastic gateway into baking pastry as you do not need to worry about overworking the dough. There was an error submitting your subscription. Place a third of dough to one side and roll out the rest to about three quarters of a centimetre thickness. Pastry - you will need two lots of the pastry ingredients but it must be made in two batches not one big one 100g (3.5oz) butter, chopped 150ml cold water 1 tsp salt 2 cups self-raising flour (I use plain flour and add baking powder) Knead the dough gently until it comes together in a smooth ball. I do whinge about it getting light so early but I much prefer the extra light of summer than the dark afternoons of winter. Since I wrote that, my body has decided to prove the point and has woken me up at 5am nearly every morning this week. 2 cups self-raising flour (I use plain flour and add baking powder), 400g (14oz) round stead, all fat removed, chopped into small dice, egg wash made with one egg and a little water or just use milk instead. Starting in the middle, fold the pastry over the filling and pinch the sides together. I even made a GF version that was flaky and tasty. Pour the hot butter mixture into the flour and stir it all together using a knife until everything is combined. Make the filling by mixing all the ingredients (except the egg wash) together in a bowl. The filling can be done with many different things (meat for example) and taste great!! After two 5am wake-up calls, by Wednesday afternoon I was so sleepy that instead of walking the 300 meters up the road to my grandma’s house I drove to deliver these tasty pasties to her (note – a 5am wake up wouldn’t normally make me so tired but I happened to stay up a little too late re-reading Breaking Dawn in anticipation of the movie release next week).

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