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July 11, 2016

how do you make a blackbird nesting box

After the paint dried, I reattached the roof and back sections to the base. Get more birdwatching tips > This project uses a single piece of wood, costing just a couple of pounds, cut into six sections. A recessed floor will keep the nest from getting wet and it helps the nest box last longer. Make a nest box. To help keep out rain even more, you can add roof gutters under the front and two sides of the roof. You will need a way to keep the box closed until you are ready to open it, so a removable nail will do the trick. We like wrens because they are great insect eaters. Put the end of your back piece (15” long) on your workbench and place the scrap wood against it. Did you make this project? This is where you will drill the ventilation holes. I removed the back and roof from the base to make it easier to sand and paint each of the pieces. Cut out the six pieces that you will need for your nest box according to the diagram. Saw the panels apart. 2 years ago, Thanks for pointing that out, I will correct the step. This will allow the side piece to hinge open. It was also suggested that the birdhouse have no ventilation hole so that heat would not escape, what would you suggest to do for the holes in this project. From the front of the nesting box, smooth down the felt and again, fix the beading to the front edge of the box; this beading will have to be cut to size so … Ten 1 ¼” wood screws - galvanized is best. Note: this board will be ¾” thick and 9 ½” wide. Decorate you box. Congratulations! Line up the left side, right side, and front pieces around the bottom piece and clamp it all together. Making a bird box is one of the many ways you can create nesting habitats for birds in your garden. You’ve finished your nest box for Yukon’s small migratory birds. The interior wall inside the entrance hole should be rough to help nestlings climb out of the box. If you do watch from outside, stand against vegetation so that you don't have an obvious silhouette. Only the left side needs this angle cut, the right side stays flat as pictured below. In the picture, the top of the roof is facing up. Cats kill 100 – 350 million birds each year in Canada! Make sure to turn it on it’s side and look down its end to check for twists in the wood. Using a ½” twist drill bit, drill 4 ventilation holes in the sides of the nest box (2 in each side). One of the short edges of the front piece (5 ½” across) should be cut at a 15 degree angle. You can put a wobbling baffle (PVC, a bucket, foil plate, etc.) The left side of your nest box will be able to swing open (see the pictures of the finished nest box at the end of this document) so that you can clean out the nest box. If the entrance hole is only 1-1/8" in diameter wrens can get in but the hole will be too small for other birds like sparrows. Make sure that you are making the cuts on the bottom of the roof and on the correct sides. There are only a couple of things to do before we assemble the nesting box and this is to drill some holes. Share it with us! Great instructable! Place the ¼” spacer on top of a couple of pieces of scrap wood (3 scrap 1”x6” works well) that are approximately 2 ¼” high - a little more or less is just fine. Question Making your nestbox: Mark out the panels of the future nestbox with pencil and a ruler, and write the name of each panel onto the marked out wood. To follow these instructions, you will need access to a few tools that you might not have at home. A safe, warm bird roost box provides excellent shelter for flocks of small cavity-nesting birds to use nightly at any time of year. To be safe for the birds, please make sure that the wood is untreated, unpainted wood. Decide on the type of box that you want to make and then use a cutting plan, such as the ones provided in our handy PDF guide, to cut the wood and put it together. I’ve drilled a 32mm hole using a flat bit (or spade bit) so the birds can get in or out of the nesting box. Note: this 1” board will actually be ¾” thick. I have been asked how to build a blackbird nest box as Magpies are taking eggs and chicks. The width is stated to be 6”, but it will really be 5 ½” wide. Different birds prefer different sized entry holes, this is the recommended size for Yukon’s small migratory birds. The large size of the roof compared to the nest box helps to keep out rain and predators. Our mission is to provide access to shared space, quality tools, available expertise, and a collaborative environment to help makers build anything! Take a look at our other Wooden Nest Boxes. Make sure you use untreated timber too. Make sure you site your nesting box at least two metres off the ground, away from predators, strong sunlight and wind. Reply Drive a nail into the hole with a hammer, leaving enough exposed that you will be able to remove it easily. The last step mentions a photo of a wobbling baffle but there is no picture on that step. It's also a good idea to wear earthy tones and avoid blue, which can stand out more to wildlife. on Step 8. The following will make it more likely that a bird will choose a nesting box in which to build their nest. Follow the instructions for your machine to set the correct angle. This allows it to hinge open so that you can clean out and monitor your next box. If you want to make a similar birdhouse using simpler tools, there are versions of this plan (using only one board) available for download at nestwatch.org. This means that we need to cut some of the edges on angles as well, so that the roof fits nice and snugly against the box. The plain wood is usually rough enough, but you can use some coarse sandpaper (60 grit) on the inside of the board, if needed. Here are some ways. on Step 9. About: YuKonstruct is a non-profit society which provides an enthusiastic community of makers and entrepreneurs affordable access to space, equipment and knowledge. 1 year ago These instructions will guide you through how to make a nest box appropriate for small migratory birds, such as chickadees, tree swallows, bluebirds, and nuthatches. You mount the baffle on the pole. They are adopted from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s recommendations at nestwatch… If there is any bow to your roof, it would be best to arrange your piece so that the bow is down and helps to keep water out of the nest box (rather than pooling). You can use the same method (chopsaw or tablesaw at a 15 degree angle) or use a rasp to file off the edge. Using the 1 ½” hole saw drill bit, drill a hole around your centre mark. Position a nest box at a height according to the type of bird you are looking to attract. Preferably pine, spruce, or cedar. If you measure everything out first, make sure to make an allowance for your blade kerf. Cut into a circle 9 inches in diameter.

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