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July 11, 2016

how to assemble upholstered bed frame

Your headboard looks so good! Adding depth the way you did is genius; a thicker headboard definitely seems more luxe. xo, Holy Moses!! Now, I’ve upholstered (and constructed in some cases) two beds, an ottoman, bench, etc.! Easy Peasey huh? Step 2 // Assemble the headboard. Sew along these lines. Although, I will say- this bed didn’t manifest out of thin air. Staple one end then stretch it to fit, and staple the other end. Genius! Which cost $29. Xo, Thank you, Lauren! Can’t wait to see the full reveal! Alignment and little details like this make a piece of furniture feel custom, high-end, and thoughtful. Sorry you had so much craziness with your order, but I think this DIY was meant to be! It will also prevent it from sagging over time. Cheers to Thursday!! Once the batting is finished, it will look like this…. I dug out some very old Super 77 to spray on the particle board to help hold the batting in place. This foam isn’t exactly the size that they advertise on the package, so you may find it necessary to stretch it out a bit. Step 4 // Cut off the excess batting. Cheers to October- the best birthday month :) Hope you’re having a lovely day my friend! I’m also a fan of reupholstering to give pieces new life. Pad them with a piece of batting and foam if needed, so that you don’t see any lumps or bumps. When beginning this room forever ago (last year), I had purchased a custom bed and was planning to sell or donate our existing bed. Ha. Here’s the big confession: for the sake of time, I sketched it out in CAD and sent it over to Emmett at work, and he cut it out on the CNC router. Place the foam covered board on top and center. And then I put some supports directly onto the floor, and put the box spring(s) on top. One person folds and holds the foam, while the other person does all the stapling. This leaves 10″ of depth. It’s all going to happen simultaneously. I am planning on redesigning our guest bedroom this late fall/winter and reupholstering that first DIY headboard I every made. Lay out your pre-cut foam. All Rights Reserved. It took five minutes, so it worked out well and saved us hours running to Lowe’s and cutting it out with our own saw. We also included a couple braces for additional support. I will have to keep that idea in my back pocket. Did you consider doing the headboard all the way down so there was no gap? Done. Next step is to do your headboard. Follow along and say hello! I see a sneak of the bubble chandelier and I know I’m going to love what you’ve done in here. Once you have it planned, you can rough cut it. Can’t wait for the reveal!! The bubble chandy is looking cute, window treatments went up last night, and I can’t wait to pull it together and share! I bet you’ll be pleased to get this wrapped up. I have a headboard almost shaped just like this, and she’s ready for her makeover! It turned out really beautiful and looks wonderful in the space! :) Have a great day! Can’t wait to see your finished project! Happy Friday! I used her chunky leg bed frame plan with a few modifications to make an upholstered bed frame inspired by West Elm’s Nailhead Bed Frame. Do the other long side next, be sure to pull snugly. Thanks Monica! xo. If you used  60” (145cm) wide fabric, you can get 3 pieces out of that width at 20” each. I had my dad cut the curves and we did all the steps you did in this tutorial, but I used a dropcloth (very frugal at the time on a college graduate budget) and nail heads on the side (not my style anymore but remember being very impressed that it looked lik the Pottery Barn option at a fraction of the price). Funny story, I had to cut the dust cloth off of my upholstered bed (Crate & Barrel Colette found on FB Marketplace! We wanted our headboard to have some depth to it- it’s about 3 inches deep. Your poor kitty. We just... Hi friends! I’m working on an IG video for this project as well. Click through to see how we transformed our old guest bed and get the scoop on my DIY upholstered headboard…. I think it’s a fun project, too :) Happy guest room designing this fall! I can’t wait to share the entire room! The rails are very quick and easy to upholster. This blog... Beautiful! Next, use a serrated bread knife to cut the foam to the shape of the furniture. What a fun project! I’m Utah local and I’m always on the look out for local sources. Happy Upholstering!! Thank you so much, Lynn! We made sure to upholster each rail in the same way, using the exact pattern repeat. I  marked the approx. We used clamps to help with this process, while smoothing it out. This way, everything is as squared up as possible and all pre-drilled, so it’s easier to put together once it’s all upholstered. You definitely need upholstery weight fabric to make this work… but not too heavy (it’s more difficult with super heavy textiles- like leather), but it could be done. Set the side rails on the floor apart from each other. Is the headboard attached to the bed frame somehow or just hung on the wall? Happy Thursday!! Trim the seam, and clip the corners. They are only actually .75″x9.25” – stupid lumber sizing… I bought the fabric months ago, in anticipation of this project. Hi there! So, I decided to add foam. No need to upholster the wall end board. First cut your boards and place around your box spring to see if they need to be cut down further. Have a great day! Once all of our pieces had been upholstered, we reassembled the bed- reattaching the rails and the new headboard. Quick question…how to plan on covering the box spring? Pulling the fabric tight, and being carefully not to distort the linear pattern in our fabric, we continued stapling around the perimeter of the headboard. But since they are sitting directly on the floor, there is no stress on the bed frame itself. Emmett and I are both thrilled we saved a lot of money, and I think it’s going to look fantastic in our finished guest room. Is that possible? Some of the vintage pieces I’ve reupholstered in the past have had their staples falling out… they must just loosen with age. Expect to find inspiration related to: interiors & styling, renovating, DIY, and home improvement projects! The side rails are the two longest metal pieces in your pack of bed frame materials. I’m sure you’ve already started scheming for the dining room. Ok, let’s do a before… this is what the bed looked like before- maybe you remember it from our previous guest bedroom, pictured below, at our old house? My plan was to switch up the fabric, add some pattern, and create a bit of drama with a unique shaped headboard. Without giving away too much of our guest bedroom, we finished the upholstered bed and I’m SO happy with how it turned out. I’m just waiting on accessories to arrive, and then we’ll be able to wrap things up, photograph, and share the newly renovated room here on the blog. HELP please :) -Chloe Fernandez, Ft. Worth, Tx, Thank you, Chloe! We began stapling at the top of the headboard and worked our way to the edges. Love the fabric choice and all. Step 9 // Attach the dust cover. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section. Happy Monday. It’s really a cost effective option if there isn’t too many details (this girl CANNOT sew!). If you end up needing to dismantle the bed, you can easily remove these to do so. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Step 10 // Assemble the bed. Use top-stitching thread and a long stitch. I love that you tackled this project with your dad and used drop cloth. That sounds like a super fun project. You never pay more, I just may make a small commission if you click through one of my links. You could definitely order an inexpensive upholstered bed (or maybe even just the rails) and upholster them to match. Make sure all edges are properly secured. Love your posts and DIY. Noteworthy posts are where I keep it the realest of real. For construction I decided to leave myself 2″ total additional to allow for batting, fabric and “wiggle room”. This is gorgeous! https://roomfortuesday.com/how-to-install-panel-moulding/. You’ve inspired us to try it out as well. Lots of options :) Hope this helpful! Just flip the foam smooth side up and mark it with a sharpie and a straight edge or T-square.

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