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July 11, 2016

how to put together a recliner

For recliners that also swivel and glide, round tables with no jutting corners work best. A relaxed style of sofa, sectional or other chairs will work with it if they are of similar quality and scale. In general, furniture assemblers can complete 2 to 3 pieces of furniture in 2 hours. Iron out the cut-out fabrics before starting on the stitching, to give you a more relaxed time while stitching and more so for the final look. Recliners require about 8-12 yards of upholstery fabric. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. If you are using the fabric from your seat as cutting patterns ensure that you mark them for easy identification when putting the seat back together again. 8. This method is common with modular furniture; as you work, you may need to insert armrests or the back cushion into the platform to construct the sofa while connecting it. In an era where sitting has become the new smoking, this lifestyle of laziness is driving physicians up against the wall over the escalating level of lifestyle diseases.... Sign Up and Get Furniture Tips and Guides Every Week! Research shows that when sitting up straight and your spine poised at a 90-degree... Recliners are both comforting and non-judgmental, and that is one lethal mix for fitness goals. One looks like a two-pronged fork, and the other is a single piece of metal. Often, you can customize a recliner style or select a sofa or other chair style that coordinates with an existing recliner. The kit will make the whole process much more manageable. Adjustable wrenches may come in handy at this point to ensure that the fabric is held in a tight grip. Adding details such as nailheads or contrast welting can further alter the style of the recliner to better suit your decor. She has published thousands of articles for various websites and clients, specializing in home renovation, DIY projects, gardening and travel. How to Convert a Breakfast Nook Into a Sitting Area, How to Arrange a Sofa and Recliner With a Fireplace, Power Motion Recliner vs. 2. Nothing pulls disparate styles together better than coordinated fabrics. Repeat this process with the two pieces, lining up the brackets, lifting the male side and locking it into the female side. If you have a quality leather recliner, it may be worthwhile to recover the other seating in the room to coordinate with it. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Take special care at the corners to prevent puckering of the fabric. Often, you can customize a recliner style or select a sofa or other chair style that coordinates with an existing recliner. If you have purchased yourself a microfiber recliner, then you have most probably been given the sales speech about how stain-proof the fabric is. Some models click once, while others click two to three times before they’re secure. Reverse engineer the seat’s takedown and put the seat back together again. For increased comfort and convenience near the recliner, include adequate table surface and lighting. When cutting the patterns out remember to add a few inches for tucking and seaming. Heart? Arrange the pieces in order, leaving a workable gap between each. Use batting over replacement foam to add stability to your upholstery fabric. Keep in mind that this is not an easy process. Extremely linear patterns like plaids or stripes may be harder to align as the recliner pieces shift, rendering your project sloppy. 3. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in art education. A poor seating arrangement places the recliner in line with the sofa, all seats facing in the same direction for television viewing. If you are using the fabric from your seat as cutting patterns ensure that you mark them for easy identification when putting the seat back together again. How to Connect the Hardware for Sectional Sofas. If you are going for patterns, measure the repeat pattern’s size as well. Besides a change in color, fabric of a different texture or pattern can transform the look of a recliner. They are excellent patterns for cutting out the new fabric. 5 Simple Exercises You Can Do on Your Recliner. If you are planning a new sofa or chair, a custom-order furniture showroom consultant can help you choose and order fabrics, including the yardage needed to recover your recliner. Removing the old material also ensures a crisp, smooth finish when the upholstery is done. Using your covered button kit package and the directions on its back, wrap your chosen buttons. If your sofa doesn’t have built-in connectors and accompanying hardware, install separate bottom locking brackets along the underside of each piece or strap the legs of adjacent sections together with cable-ties or specialty sectional sofa straps. Chief Editor and Furniture Expert for Reclinercize.com. 5. Utilize your sofa’s hardware to connect the separate pieces into one unit. 4. Feel along the bottom and pull out the brackets on each side. Alternatively, arrange two recliners side-by-side facing the television, with a sofa or loveseat at a right angle to them. Reclinercize brings you unbiased recliner reviews. The recliner template should be the size of the extended recliner; mark lines so you can fold the paper to the dimensions of the upright recliner. Alternatively, purchase other seating for the room to coordinate with an existing recliner. Take a lot of pictures to help you put the chair back together. Whether eyesore or welcome addition, a recliner demands special attention in a space. Left unattached, sectionals can develop gaps in between each piece as they shift, proving … The latter may not swivel out; instead, it may be fixed, pointing outwards from underneath the sectional. By including the recliner in your decorating plans, you can integrate a recliner into the room as if it were always in the space. Follow the directions that came with your sectional sofa to connect the pieces, starting from one end of the arrangement and working your way around. Crouch down between the first two sections. Bell studied English composition and literature at the University of Boston and the University of Maryland. Additionally, allow space for the attached ottoman piece to flip up. Use straight pins to keep the material in place before commencing on the stitch work, and fold the fabric to outline edges evenly. Tape together sheets of newspaper and trim to the dimensions you measured for your major pieces -- sofa, love seat, chairs, coffee table, end tables and the recliner. A long upholstery needle, we are talking 8-inch size, and some wax coated button thread should make the tufting and resewing of the buttons back to the seat easy peasy work. Large prints are easier though as they need little alignment. Choose a ready-made recliner or customize a recliner in your favorite fabric or leather. Ensure no wall is behind your recliner and that it is clear of other furniture and doorways when open. Include a basket or box on the table to hold small items like a pen, notepad or remote control. Basically if you cant staple the area, hot glue gun it. 7. Recliners require about 8-12 yards of upholstery fabric. Reputable recliner manufacturers and retailers can tell you how much space to allow behind a particular recliner for it to fully recline. It is no walk in the park, but the satisfaction of saving your old recliner will go unmatched for in comparison to the moments spent in that beloved chair to come. Repeat this process, working your way down the arrangement, until you’ve connected all of the sectional hardware. Adjust the first two sections so that the brackets align. Then with its bottom facing up, use your screwdriver to unscrew off the seat cushion. How to Clean a Microfiber Recliner: Check Your Care Tags! ©Reclinercize. If you are in doubt about style, ask a knowledgeable consultant at an upscale furniture showroom. Like we said, this isn’t an easy process by any means. Left unattached, sectionals can develop gaps in between each piece as they shift, proving frustrating for adults, potentially dangerous for children and pets, and giving your living space a haphazard, unfinished look. Cynthia T. Toney, a former newspaper designer, began writing in 1999 for a newsletter devoted to decorating with salvage. The amount varies, depending on the chair. Take the main pieces of the recliner off of it.

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