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July 11, 2016

integrated logistics services

One of the principal objectives of Acquisition Logistics is the identification, development and acquisition of the required IPS elements that comprise the PSP of the materiel. You decide what data is essential to your business for you to analyze, and we create it. Support strategy identifies the program approach to meet life-cycle logistics (LCL) objectives. This information can be created into custom reports based on what the needs are of each client. ASR's IPS services are applicable to supporting acquisition/development of military platforms and materiel across the US Armed Forces. © 2020 ASR International Corporation. ILS has evolved to Integrated Product Support (IPS). Transportation can be a huge cost within an organization’s logistics system. The entire process of developing a shipment, selecting a carrier, tracking the order, addressing issues that may arise in-transit, and following through on delivery can be tedious. Our IPS services are also readily tailorable for supporting non-military Government agencies as well as our commercial clients. The support strategy and maintenance concept form the foundation of the product support development process. This is done to ensure LCL objectives are adequately described and captured to be translated into real requirements that support the system acquisition/ source selection. Through data on each freight bill, an immense amount of logistics information is captured. By definition, an Integrated Logistics Services Provider or ISP is a company that performs a variety of end-to-end logistics-related service activities like air, ocean, road and rail transportation, warehousing and other value-added services that make up a total logistics services … With one point of contact at Integrated Logistics, you will no longer have to make several calls to delegate your freight, or track shipments. ASR’s IPS services and disciplined approach are readily applicable to submarine and surface-ship platforms and their HM&E systems and equipment, and aircraft and ground-vehicle platforms. With so many variables affecting rates and service levels, the right questions need to be asked to ensure you are getting the most for your money. The IPS strategy optimizes functional support, leverages existing resources, and guides the system engineering process to quantify and lower lifecycle costs (LCC) and decrease the logistics footprint of materiel. The maintenance concept defines in broad terms how the system will be maintained to meet threshold availability objectives. Integrated Logistics will help you take control of freight expenses. ASR’s mission in providing acquisition IPS is to ensure that life-cycle support costs are considered during the acquisition phase of the system's design and/or source selection requirements; that the system can be cost-effectively supported throughout its life cycle; and the infrastructure and IPS elements are identified, developed and acquired for initial fielding and operational support of the system. Our focus on the IPS strategy allows us to optimize functional support, leverage existing resources, and guide the system engineering process to quantify and lower LCC, and decrease the logistics footprint of materiel. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2020. Moulton Logistics Management, Los Angeles, CA. ASR has provided its clients with acquisition and logistics program support, configuration and certification support, manpower and training support, and engineering and maintenance support. Moulton Fulfillment maintains strategic locations on the East and West Coast of the U.S., along with a central location in Canada, to keep freight costs down and time in transit to a minimum. We are able to stock inventory on both coasts and manage the containers and/or intermodal transportation to both locations. The primary sources for RMS information are from logistics system feedback reports and/or from the maintenance history. You decide what data is essential to your business for you to analyze, and we create it. Make one phone call and consider the freight moved and delivered. The ILS elements that will comprise the Product Support Package (PSP) are also documented during this stage. Data Analysis identifies issues and/or opportunities that impact RMS and LCC. Moulton Fulfillment is an integrated logistics and order fulfillment company. Through our vast menu of services, we can not only relieve the task of paying your freight bills, but will ensure you are paying the correct amount through our auditing process, saving you time and money.Through data on each freight bill, an immense amount of logistics … Simply provide Integrated Logistics with volumes and shipping lanes, and let us analyze the data and utilize our expertise to source the Transportation Providers that will fit your requirements. The final step in each order is to make sure carriers are paid for their services, specifically within their payment terms. Saving on your Freight Spend is One Phone Call Away. Since 2010, Integra Marine & Freight Services N.V. has an internal Logistic/Expedition department that does the complete logistics from Procurement, Booking (air and sea), Route Selection, Warehousing, … The next step in the acquisition logistics planning process is to perform market surveys to determine if current design trends address RMS issues, further refine the RMS issues, and identify the RMS market trends to focus on. 1-800-808-3304  |  info@moultonlogistics.com, 3PL, Fulfillment, Warehousing, Distribution & More, "The software that Moulton's team programmed in-house not only allows us to manage our fulfillment and customer service online, but also provides DRTV analytics that allow us to optimize our campaigns. Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is an integrated and iterative, multi-functional, technical management discipline associated with the acquisition and/or design or design alteration of materiel (systems and/or equipment), its development, testing, production, fielding, performance, and lifecycle sustainment. We maintain a knowledge base of current market trends, enabling us to use that knowledge to leverage the most competitive rates and outstanding service levels from Transportation Providers. Our IPS services are available across the 50 US States and in over 40 countries. Finally, RMS objectives are documented in capabilities and contractual documents. Each freight bill is examined by our auditors to make certain the information on the bill is not only accurate, but billed according to your terms with each carrier. ASR embraces this evolution and provides global support services which include all twelve (12) IPS elements. That means we provide total solutions and one-stop shopping for companies requiring customized information solutions, order fulfillment, retail distribution and logistics services. Let Integrated Logistics do the negotiating for you, and identify where you can save on your current inbound and outbound spend. Powered by FingerLakes1.com Website Development. Contact us to learn more about ASR's cost-effective, best value Integrated Product Support Services. Based on the analysis conducted, the support strategy is refined to shortlist the cost-effective support alternative for the system and its maintenance concept. and therefore it is essential to consider these elements and evaluate the potential impact on the total LCC. Services Integrated Logistics Support / Integrated Product Support Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is an integrated and iterative, multi-functional, technical management discipline associated with the … Moulton Fulfillment is an integrated logistics and order fulfillment company. We use Moulton Logistics for our distribution – they specialize in DRTV fulfillment.". The Acquisition Logistics Planning Process includes a review of system capabilities and analysis of existing system Reliability, Maintainability and Supportability (RMS) issues and concerns.

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