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July 11, 2016

jamieson and smith

GIFT KIT/BOXES – we have also put together a selection of our patterns into gift boxes which contain the yarn and pattern, we have chosen a mix of patterns but if you have anything specific in mind we can always put something together for you – just email us! You don’t have to look hard in my studio to find wool. J & S's flagship yarn is a 2ply Jumper weight yarn is equivalent to a 4 ply/fingering weight yarn spun in a woolen fashion. 14 x 12 cm each (series of 17), ‘Ewes Out’ 2018. Vooral voor het Fair Isle breien is dit wol zeer geschikt. Before you begin to knit, check your stitch count. I have mainly done them in 2ply Jumper Weight but have done one in 2ply Lace and I’m going to try and use more ranges too. Vooral voor het Fair Isle breien is dit wol zeer geschikt. I ask them to question its qualities, origins and if our understanding of the material itself can be built on. The Difference Between Woollen and Worsted Spun (J&S), 2pm – Choose Wisely – Check its Wool (Campaign for Wool). Reminding me of shearing sheep on my home island of Fair Isle. Begin picking up the stitches from the side of the sock where the row begins. Vooral voor het Fair Isle breien is dit wol zeer geschikt. It was a really effective piece and I liked how it linked into the present as well as the every day in the Woolstore. 2ply Lace Weight top to bottom: L63, L15, L53, L96, L95, Wintery Beach. SOCKS – we also have a selection of Toonie and Crofter socks which are knit in Shetland Heritage Naturals, these are some of the warmest socks ever and the two thicknesses are perfect for either in normal shoes (toonie) or in wellie/walking boots (crofter). She said: ‘I really enjoyed discovering the wool shed, loved the untreated wool, the atmosphere, the history: found it inspirational. ‘J+S’, 2019. Ross-Smith’s work builds relationships and conversations between material, place and people and is as much about experiencing as it is about seeing. Happy Knitting! This piece was not what I expected when I first stepped into Jamieson & Smith, but I’m very happy with the outcome.’. When we post them they always get really good feedback so I thought we would share them here too: Seaweed at the Shetland Museum Slipway. J&S have an enticing range of colours waiting to grab your attention but it’s the natural shades that always sit best with my work. Hello everyone, If you follow our Instagram or Facebook page you will have seen over the past few months we have started doing weekly ‘Wirsit Inspo’ posts. We have added a J&S star tag to mark its authenticity: We also have a selection of hats which are knit by a lovely lady here in Shetland, they are all made using vintage and new shades of Jumper Weight and each one is different, so you will never see another the same! Canvas, felt, acrylic, Shetland wool, wood and tracing paper. YOKES – We have a range of Jumper Weight and Heritage Yokes Cardigans available (and some Jumpers) these are completely made in Shetland. From conception to creation the coming together of the Tattit rug, historical a wedding gift to the bride and groom from both families.’. 2018. Our aim for this KAL was to inspire people to just keep making – we are lucky that knitting, crochet, spinning etc is a great help to us all at this time! Good Mother, 2018. Each one is different! We launched our Shoormal Hap a couple of years ago, its a classic and timeless Shetland Hap, which is a square shawl that usually has a middle, borders and an edging. Throughout the day – Woolabilities, short cartoons produced by the Wool Carpet Focus Group. Hello everyone, This weekend would have seen the beginning of Shetland Wool Week, sadly but unsurprisingly it was cancelled this year but we, like many others have put together some online content for you throughout the week. The following list breaks down what you can expect from our Youtube channel over the next week or so (all UK time): Slowing Down Fast Fashion (Campaign for Wool), 10am – Wool Sorting and Grading with Oliver Henry (J&S), 10am – The J&S Yarn Range with Ella Gordon (J&S), 5pm – Why Wool – Protect our Oceans (Campaign for Wool), Blog Post – Afterthought Heel with Lesley Smith, 10am – Fair Isle Bookmark with Hazel Tindall (J&S), 5pm – There’s no Wool in the Sea (Campaign for Wool), 10am – Fair Isle Cuffs with Alison Rendall (J&S), 2pm – Spinning with Lighthowlers (J&S/Curtis Wool), 5pm – Synthetic VS Wool and Two Jumpers, What’s the Difference? *in the middle of this KAL Ravelry did their site design update which is why we didn’t post too much about it for those of you who could no longer use the site, we are hopeful that it will/has become more accessible for those with issues or if you have ideas of other places we could host a KAL please post below. In the 1960s the old United Free Kirk was purchased to be used as a grading shed…it is now the Wool Shop. Located in Lerwick, the capital town of Shetland, Jamieson & Smith, are long established as the islands primary purchaser of the Shetland Wool clip. If I don’t have an extra stitch there, I would pick up something to do this with. I have knit it across half the stitches of the sock. Thanks for all the comments and feedback on our Wool Week videos and content – it was a weird week for us, we are used to a totally different experience which definitely doesn’t adhere to the current rules so we, like many others in Shetland, tried to take Wool Week online! I thought of the poverty of material things and how nothing was wasted. Jamieson & Smith Shetland Heritage and the Natural Collection recreates the original characteristics of handspun ‘wursit’ used in old Fair Isle garments. Available in the full palette of beautiful shades originally designed by Jamieson and Smith, this flagship yarn cannot be imitated … For the last sixty years, J&S have bought fleeces from the Shetland crofters…who graze their hardy peerie sheep on the stark hillsides. The 2ply Jumper weight yarns are 100% Shetland wool, and are traditionally used in the knitting of Fair Isle garments. Haddock skins, Shetland wool, wooden bar. To see what else is happening make sure to follow Shetland Wool Weeks social media and visit the website for more online events. If you’d like to see any more of my designs you can find me on Etsy as TakDeeSock and on Ravelry as Lesley Smith Designs. The waste yarn I used is a synthetic in a contrast colour which makes it easier to see and remove. She used the same size needles throughout (5mm) so although the yarn is a bit thicker it came out the same size (45 inches square) perfect for the back of the couch or on your bed. 1281, FC38, FC44, FC11, Seapinks and Sea, Northmavine. Vooral voor het Fair Isle breien is dit wol zeer geschikt. Today is just a quick post to show you some of the hand-knit accessories we have in stock just now, first off we have a limited amount of hand-knit versions of Olivers Hat from ‘Jamieson & Smith A Shetland Story‘ These have been hand-knit by the designer, our very own Sandra Manson so this a special opportunity to get your hands on one! It is this joined-up thinking I am interested in. Once you’ve picked up the leg stitches (half of the total number of stitches to be picked up) slide the stitches onto the needle cable. When I use wool, I play a small part in feeding into the long and rich history of crofting, knitting and textiles in Shetland. COASTERS KEYRING MUGS – perfect peerie presents, our range of mugs, coasters and keyrings are made in Shetland and depict a range of our patterns. Please do not use our photographs without our permission. It is wool, however, that features in my work time and time again – a material completely intertwined with Shetland culture.

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