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July 11, 2016

kinsa smart thermometer map

The company can “see” clusters of fever among its customers instantly, in other words. This is in part due to the fact that a large portion of Kinsa’s thermometers are given away for free to families that attend Title 1 elementary schools. He joined The Times in 1976, and has reported from 60 countries. And now we can too. predict the flu season in the United States up to 12 weeks out, before the local government implemented aggressive social distancing orders, The state has since seen a surge in positive COVID-19 cases. Host Robin Young talks to Kinsa CEO Inder Singh about how it works and where the next hotspots will be. The closer this number is to 1, the higher the correlation. Smart thermometer fever map may help forecast spread of covid-19, other diseases Kinsa Health’s smart thermometers collect data about fevers and … Since the beginning of the pandemic we've been checking in with Kinsa Thermometer, a company that compiles data from millions of smart thermometer users to forecast where the next COVID-19 hotspots will be, weeks before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can. All of the data on the map comes from Kinsa smart thermometers, which log temperatures of users and then relay that data to Kinsa HQ to be aggregated and logged. Kinsa has created an early warning system from their network of connected thermometers that helps public health officials identify where outbreaks of, Kinsa’s atypical illness signal is the combination of two sets of data: Kinsa’s flu forecast, and our real-time illness data. The latest data will be available on Friday on a new website, healthweather.us, he said. Within days, testing showed that South Florida had indeed become an epicenter. Donald G. McNeil Jr. NYTimes.com March 18, 2020 “. Maybe “a decision that approaches Heller itself in constitutional importance”? For example, COVID-19 tests are administered several days after patients first experience symptoms and some test results take a few days to process. Mirroring US age distribution helps ensure that Kinsa’s illness signal is an accurate representation of illness in the country. Check this out: King County was the site of one of the biggest outbreaks in America earlier this month. You can also search by zip code or county to see what your own backyard looks like, or view the whole United States if you like. For a few months now, Kinsa has worked with Benjamin Dalziel, a disease modeler at Oregon State University who uses electronic medical records, C.D.C.’s influenza surveillance network and other data to map the way the flu season historically rises and falls across the country. Kinsa publishes its atypical illness data at healthweather.us. This chart shows the correlation between Kinsa’s cumulative atypical illness level and the CDC’s cumulative positive cases of COVID-19. “We can’t say what that is, but it’s very different from what we’d normally expect,” Dr. Chamberlain said. Privacy is paramount at Kinsa. There are many studies that show how these types of illnesses spread within communities, and how demographics like age, sex, and zip code, play a role in community spread. The chart shows that as the illness level increases, the reported COVID-19 cases from the CDC also increases at the same rate. (Scroll down beneath the map and you’ll see a graph showing just how far the current rate deviates from the normal rate.) A sudden spike that far exceeds estimates for flu for a given date may well indicate the coronavirus has arrived. Kinsa for Families. It’s worth it. This data is then aggregated to the county, state and national level, then normalized to match the CDC’s definition of ILI, which is the industry standard for tracking illness. . Demand for Kinsa’s smart thermometers has skyrocketed since the coronavirus pandemic began, Mr. Singh said, and the company is now selling 10,000 a day, which is creating production problems but also multiplying the amount of data coming in each day. The distribution of thermometers by state follows a similar pattern to the previous chart. In collaboration with Benjamin Dalziel, Associate Professor at Oregon State University, our data team has shown that they can forecast and, When comparing the cumulative cases of positive COVID-19 with Kinsa’s cumulative atypical illness data, a correlation is seen. If you didn’t, stop here and read it. Good luck finding thermometers for sale anywhere right now, though. You can also track your temperature and symptoms without a Kinsa thermometer through Kinsa’s free app. If you read this post from Wednesday about using smart thermometers to insta-detect local outbreaks of COVID-19, you already know exactly what this is. I repeat my question from yesterday: Has Seattle flattened the curve? The thermometer data “acts as an early warning system for illness spreading,” said Inder Singh, the company’s founder. The illness signals powering Kinsa Insights and published at, distributed to households across the U.S. The company’s thermometer readings “are by far the most high-quality data set I’ve ever worked with,” Dr. Dalziel said. Here’s their new website, as promised: healthweather.us. The company has smart thermometers in every county in the U.S., but it … Not everyone has a Kinsa at home, of course, and poorer places may be less likely to have them since they run a little more expensive than the cheapest options on the market. Due to the how contagious illness transmits from person to person, the more densely populated an area is, the more likely it is for illness to spread. “This is 21st-century disease surveillance, and we’ve been rooted in the mid-20th century with something very labor intensive.”. Figure 1 This scatter plot illustrates the similarity between counties showing high atypical illness levels and those with the most confirmed cases of COVID-19 for March 27, 2020. The closer this number is to 1, the higher the correlation. You can see the rate of illness rise out of the “typical” range … and then begin to fall, to the point where it’s now tracking back in range. These counties were analyzed because they had confirmed cases of COVID-19 and enough thermometer readings to calculate atypical illness. For now. Kinsa Health has sold or given away more than a million smart thermometers to households in which two million people reside, and thus can record fevers almost as … There is a higher distribution of thermometers in more populous states like California, Texas and Florida compared to less populous states like Wyoming and South Dakota. One in every 5 Kinsa thermometers in the US has been distributed to a family in a Title 1 school participating in FLUency. These types of upper respiratory and fever inducing illnesses are called. The analysis and data behind these insights are based on what is known about how illnesses, like the flu and common cold, are spread. Since the beginning of the pandemic we've been checking in with Kinsa Thermometer, a company that compiles data from millions of smart thermometer users … see how it works. Figure 2. According to the best estimates of modelers, though, there were something like 80,000 actual cases as of three days ago, in line with the official numbers from China. Alyssa Milano extends an olive branch to Trump supporters – It doesn’t go well. The company can “see” clusters of fever among its customers instantly, in other words. Current reports of positive COVID-19 cases from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) rely on communication from healthcare facilities which results in identifying outbreaks days after it has already occurred. The Kinsa site could be a valuable resource, and the more people who use their product, the greater it’ll be.

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