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July 11, 2016

library shelving calculations

Contact us! +1.418.598.3381 (International), Distributor Customer Service: As for the shelving system, shelves are attached to the uprights using clips. Learn more », PL and PLonline are the only industry publications focused entirely on public libraries and public librarians. Our display shelving, compact shelving, and other library shelving solutions are intended to help libraries better serve patrons’ needs. This means you have 600 inches total width of book, so you'll need 600 inches of shelf. All load capacities are in pounds (lb.). The group then agreed on averages to use for each material type. Also, we excluded our mobile library vehicles and special collections such as local history rooms. Employment @ MLS Collection development will recalculate the percentage out and circulation for each branch’s collection once a year using existing formulas. Mini-racking: 3,900 lb. defined categories of shelving and procedures for measuring them; trained branch teams on how to complete the inventories; decided on assumptions to use in calculating branch capacities; calculated branch collection capacities; and. Staff will use the information to highlight underperforming collections which have an unbalanced shelving allotment relative to circulation. 8 (volumes per linear foot) x 3 (linear feet) x 7 (shelves) = 168 (volumes) The charts below provide some guidelines to use in determining the number of volumes per linear foot and the recommended shelf depth for the most common collections. If you overestimate how much the shelves can bear, your stored items may break the shelves and fall to the ground. The average standard width of a bookcase is 30" to 36", but custom sizes vary. Include seasonal items with the general collection with which they are associated, such as children’s music CDs or general fiction. To determine categories of shelving, each project team member visited one or two branches and took pictures of the shelving for every category of material that the collection development department purchases. They are mainly used to increase stability and strength of the unit. In addition, we know that our collection development department is buying less nonfiction as customers get more information from the Internet. When you multiply the total capacity of a shelf by its comfort factor, you reduce the number of items that can be housed. ... Archives and stacks may be able to utilize compact shelving systems that are better suited to slab-on-grade conditions due to their concentrated weights. For example, if the total shelving capacity for a branch is 50,000 and one-third of the collection is out at any time, then the number of items that can be assigned to that branch is 50,000 × 1.5 (the reciprocal of one minus one-third). A sample of a branch’s shelving inventory worksheet for adult fiction is shown in table 1. and divide by the total number of books to get the average width. On the final sheet of the workbook, a formula adds the shelving capacities for all the collections and multiplies that total by the “percent out” assumption to get the total number of items that can be assigned to that branch at any time. a great number of shelves that require space, or if the free space is far from the area in need, it would be better to try and move space onto all of the shelves rather than just enough to shelve one book. The following image will help you find out what kind of shelf you have. Do you have Rousseau shelving and want to know what kind of load it can take? Medium-Duty Capacity (Without Reinforcement), Heavy-Duty Capacity (Central Reinforcement), Extra Heavy-Duty Capacity (Double Reinforcement). This assumption proved to be quite accurate, as described under “Comparison of Capacity to Collection Size” in the section ahead. The shelving inventories will be especially helpful when purchasing new formats or when there is a need to increase buying in a particular collection area. This is a small selection of the projects we have worked on. Once we had received the inventories, the project team had to agree on several assumptions. However, we decided to update those figures, given the changes in library materials. Whether you have a shelving or mini-racking unit, the stated load capacity is that of each shelf (or level). Anyone can Google to find a quick answer. These changes at BCPL included: In addition, BCPL started floating its collection three years ago so branches only temporarily own the items on the shelves. Branches will use the shelving inventory information when planning space for renovation or major shifts in the collection. The estimated retail value of each material or service will be calculated on the right. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 2 0 obj We had some old documents that had been used for planning branches that noted items per foot for various collections. Multiply the average width with the total number of books (3 x 200 = 600). Call us today for free design help or a volume quote. Magazines tend to run about a quarter of an inch. This branch is chronically short on space.

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