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July 11, 2016

police sergeant exam questions

Who shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining a cu…, Who shall establish and maintain a list of approved off duty p…, Who is responsible for reviewing and signing all monthly off d…, The database of insurance information for all members who have…, Obligation a person,group, or organization assumes for the exe…, 1. To appraise an applicant's qualifications for employment. Police Sample Question 1:The map below is a scheme of subway lines in the city. Appropriate preparation will make a big difference in achieving a good score. You should have 20/20 vision, although it’s usually acceptable if you need glasses or contact lenses. 2. Learn police sergeants exam with free interactive flashcards. Some of them are about drug use, criminal behavior, any history of violence, and other factors that might impact whether you are a good fit for police work. Stations are numbered by their location on the line(s). Therefore, the application process includes several steps to determine your eligibility. Your unit responded to the following number of incidents during each weekday last week: 7 on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, and 6 on Friday. Lines always begin at the northernmost station, except for lines G and M which begin at the westernmost station. You may be able to confirm ahead of time which test your police station will administer. The Physical Ability Test, or PAT, is sometimes called the Physical Agility Test. This step of the recruitment process includes a background check into your credit, driving, and criminal history. How many pamphlets should you bring? Individ…. © Practice4Me 2018-2020, All rights reserved. Before starting a great career as a police officer, you'll have to pass a police entrance exam. In addition to sitting before the board, you may interview individually with the police chief at the station where you are applying. Police Sample Question 6:An officer would MOST likely require the backup assistance of other officers in which of the following situations? Another major part of the recruitment process is the police psychological exam, which assesses your personality traits and behavioral tendencies to determine whether you are a good fit for the career. For this section, you will review several statements or other pieces of information and put them in a logical order. If you are colorblind, the station will decide if your condition is too risky, depending on how severe it is. There are some sample questions below to help you get started. The daughter seemed nervous and did not answer for a moment, then said that she had fallen while riding her bike earlier that day.Based on the information provided, what is the possible problem in this scenario? Not everyone is suited for the demanding and stressful nature of police work. The following questions were taken from A Standard Police Textbook. For the essay, you will respond to prompts in writing. Blackstone's Police Q&A offers you 'Type A' questions and is the only revision tool based directly on the content of the Blackstone's Police Manuals. Choose the most correct statement based on the following passage:On Tuesday, November 4, I met with Thompson’s Floral shop owner Mr. Thompson regarding a vandalism incident. Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device (B-PAD), Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, Entry-level Law Enforcement Written Examination, Entry Level Police Officer Examination (DELPOE), National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory (NCJOSI), Police Officer Entry Level Series Tests (PO-EL Series), National Police Officer Selection Test (NPOST), Step-by-step explanations for every question, Extra drills in all Police tests question types.

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