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July 11, 2016

signs of kalki avatar

If any body is falling into the pit then, will you also fall into that pit or safe yourself? He is described in the Puranas as the avatar who rejuvenates existence by ending the darkest and destructive period to remove adharma and ushering in the Satya Yuga while riding a white horse with a fiery sword. Who taught you all these stupid things?? The Awaited One’s association with the Moon has been prophesised in many religions. I don't think that Lord Kalki had been born yet, and my way of knowing is by looking at things in India and the World in terms of people's consciousness and social common sense. He tells you in English and Hindi about Mantras and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe. Maran – To kill an enemy. His presence will have powerful good vibes which will affect the whole world and common people will start distinguishing with clarity the good from bad. If you see closely then you will All your comments looks like you are simply Advertising for Muhammad. And also after the disclosure of Islam, many great personalities like saints, leaders, social reformers, authors, scientists, philosophers etc. Followers of Sanatan Dharma believe that Shankar Jee brought the Sacred Stone, the Maha Shiv Ling, with him from the heavens. Good. The karmic planet Saturn has entered into Capricorn. If you want salvation then don't watch others. Indeed, it is the single largest factor which makes us carry forward in spite of numerous odds. Vishnu manifested as Mohini, an unparalleled beauty, in order to attract and destroy Bhasmasur an invincible demon. Just before the Kali Yuga, sage Markandeya had a conversation with God which is inscribed in Mahabharata. Bhagavan Kalki is supposed to take birth to end the Kali Yuga and start a new cycle with Satya Yuga. The Garud Puran has listed ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, with Kalki being the tenth. This is also a sign from God indicating His rank as Kalki Avatar. Insha Allah. Islam is not a religion but unification of all religions and Qur'an is a filter and gist of all religious scriptures. This mantra has to be recited for total repetitions of 100,000 times,after which you attain Siddhi[mastery] over the mantra. Nearing the end, the Earth will become a literal hell escape. His wife is also with him with his spiritual work. However, description of Kalki mythologies are divergent between the Epic and the Puranas, as well as within the Puranas, as per Vishnu Kalki avatar story. Murder will be considered excellent and robbery will become a norm. And it is a logical fact that when the Sun rises, the darkness vanishes completely and totally and every thing will be clear and light is spread every every where and it is common to every one irrespective of race, color, caste etc.Hence, Hazrat Muhammad (S) is the Last and Final Prophet like a glowing SUN towards all the people irrespective of any area, era or people etc...Hence, the religion of God (DHARM or DEEN) which was expressed firstly or started disclosing in the beginning by Adam(A.S) was continued by more or less 124000 prophets and atlast completed by Hazrat Muhammad (S), the last and final Prophet. if im not wrong and perhaps may convince u all through my various explorations...dont u think he is MR. Hinduism states Lord Brahma as the creator of the universe. For instance, nuclear weapons can eradicate the human race from the earth. So, probably he hasn’t come yet. This description of Kalki in the Mahabharata occurs in the Markandeya section. dont believe then google it. mr.abdul wahab.....prophet mohammad was not kalki avatar.............kalki avatar is here............nobody is kalki avatar without having palm signs of avatar...........like sheshnaag sign,lotus,trident,peacock feather,conch,swastik,temple,flag,fathers mark of bible,fish sign etc.............so forget mohammad and join kalki avatar who is also the reincarnation of ali as hazrat isa...........kuraan says hazrat isa will come from minaret tower...and minaret tower is the source of internet.....so kalki avatar will appear on internet first.http://www.creatoranddestroyer.tk. And Also Kalki Avatar = Maahial butlaan (eliminator of evil), Jagat Guru = Sarwar e Aalam(World Teacher), Narashansa = Muhammad (S) ( The most praised HUMAN) etc. The appearance of Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Although only a few thousand years have elapsed since the start of Kaliyug, it can be seen that the effects of modern science have advanced the pace of Kaliyug.

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