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July 11, 2016

smith cutting torch

Nonworking condition. Please choose one of the above new SC12 Cutting tip sizes for your torch before adding to your cart. -webkit-border-bottom-right-radius: 3px; function tabsToAccs() { !1:0)),!i&&e===!1&&this.anchors.length&&(e=0),e},_getCreateEventData:function(){return{tab:this.active,panel:this.active.length?this._getPanelForTab(this.active):t()}},_tabKeydown:function(e){var i=t(t.ui.safeActiveElement(this.document[0])).closest("li"),s=this.tabs.index(i),n=!0;if(!this._handlePageNav(e)){switch(e.keyCode){case t.ui.keyCode.RIGHT:case t.ui.keyCode.DOWN:s++;break;case t.ui.keyCode.UP:case t.ui.keyCode.LEFT:n=!1,s--;break;case t.ui.keyCode.END:s=this.anchors.length-1;break;case t.ui.keyCode.HOME:s=0;break;case t.ui.keyCode.SPACE:return e.preventDefault(),clearTimeout(this.activating),this._activate(s),void 0;case t.ui.keyCode.ENTER:return e.preventDefault(),clearTimeout(this.activating),this._activate(s===this.options.active? Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Cutting torch tips are an essential part of the performance for an oxy-fuel cutting torch. } if (script.readyState === 'complete' || script.readyState === 'loaded') { reqJquery(function(){ } -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 3px; font-size: 13px; border: 0; r = r.add('

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") (e=i,!1):void 0}),null===e&&(e=this.tabs.index(this.tabs.filter(".ui-tabs-active"))),(null===e||-1===e)&&(e=this.tabs.length?0:!1)),e!==!1&&(e=this.tabs.index(this.tabs.eq(e)),-1===e&&(e=i? This Miller-Smith SC929 Heavy Duty Cutting Torch is the ultimate 21 inch torch with a 90 degree head. Something went wrong. setTimeout(function() { display: block; (l=i&&i.jquery?l.pushStack(i.get()):i,!1):void 0):t.error("no such method '"+o+"' for "+e+" widget instance"):t.error("cannot call methods on "+e+" prior to initialization; "+"attempted to call method '"+o+"'")}):l=void 0:(r.length&&(o=t.widget.extend.apply(null,[o].concat(r))),this.each(function(){var e=t.data(this,n);e? 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See each listing for international shipping options and costs. } The Smith® Gas Axe™ extra heavy duty cutting torch, 180 degree head, 6' length, is ideal for foundry, scrap and demolition operations. HEAVY Genuine Smith Welding Cutting Torch SC509 Used for Parts w New Tip Condition: Used. height: 30px; Images for reference only, Item may vary. $("html, body").animate({ !t),t&&(this._removeClass(this.hoverable,null,"ui-state-hover"),this._removeClass(this.focusable,null,"ui-state-focus"))},enable:function(){return this._setOptions({disabled:!1})},disable:function(){return this._setOptions({disabled:!0})},_classes:function(e){function i(i,o){var a,r;for(r=0;i.length>r;r++)a=n.classesElementLookup[i[r]]||t(),a=e.add?t(t.unique(a.get().concat(e.element.get()))):t(a.not(e.element).get()),n.classesElementLookup[i[r]]=a,s.push(i[r]),o&&e.classes[i[r]]&&s.push(e.classes[i[r]])}var s=[],n=this;return e=t.extend({element:this.element,classes:this.options.classes||{}},e),this._on(e.element,{remove:"_untrackClassesElement"}),e.keys&&i(e.keys.match(/\S+/g)||[],!0),e.extra&&i(e.extra.match(/\S+/g)||[]),s.join(" ")},_untrackClassesElement:function(e){var i=this;t.each(i.classesElementLookup,function(s,n){-1!==t.inArray(e.target,n)&&(i.classesElementLookup[s]=t(n.not(e.target).get()))})},_removeClass:function(t,e,i){return this._toggleClass(t,e,i,!1)},_addClass:function(t,e,i){return this._toggleClass(t,e,i,!0)},_toggleClass:function(t,e,i,s){s="boolean"==typeof s?s:i;var n="string"==typeof t||null===t,o={extra:n?e:i,keys:n?t:e,element:n?this.element:t,add:s};return o.element.toggleClass(this._classes(o),s),this},_on:function(e,i,s){var n,o=this;"boolean"!=typeof e&&(s=i,i=e,e=!1),s?

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