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July 11, 2016

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The number one thing you need to remember when you set out to make the construction plan for your treehouse is that trees are living things and they’re constantly growing. I could send you a picture if that would help. This article, or a similar one, should be your first stop. About 80% of our projects are conventionally supported these days (perched beams, knee braces), but cabling remains a viable option when done properly. Copyright © 2020 Tree Houses by Tree Top Builders. I’ve installed this with braces that only cover 3-6′ vertical and not had any problems. Try a cheap coconut or palm oil – it’s made from trees, right? I have two 24″ diameter Douglas Fir trees that are 15′ apart. I cannot find any mill that will cut eastern red cedar of any size for structural purposes; 4x or larger, for me which would have been my first choice based on its weather and bug resistance. I can’t bear to just annihilate it. To avoid toxicity, stay clear of pressure treated wood and most preservatives. Thanks for following up. Can I use 2 2x4s for the knees or should use 2×6? Do you have any quick advice or do you think I’m crazy? The heavier/solid the platform; the lower the centre of gravity and the stronger the treehouse. For 95% of backyard treehouses, you don’t need to worry about water wicking. Unlike many other projects listed here, it was made out of the wholesome sheets of plywood and features no windows at least for now. As a result, most of my comments are helping people to avoid rookie mistakes. Now when the tree sways in the wind, the platform actually moves a bit to accommodate the swaying. Profit drives companies to grow timbers faster, so they don’t build their natural resistance to decay and pests. You could use ground support, or cables to further stabilize the treehouse. Do you have a suggestion on how to keep the lumber from warping or splitting? This particular design required two or tree trunks or heavy branches that are close to each other. Tell us all about it in the comment section below. Trees generally do not have reaction problems with hardware of any kind, but I am not aware of any scientific studies on the subject. I bracketed the tri- beam to the girders. If your treehouse is going to be used mostly by children, the platform should not be any higher than 6–8 feet (1.8–2.4 m). Use a very simple design or invest in a pre-made treehouse. There are diverse designs that use techniques to minimize the damage to the trees. Thanks for your time. You can minimize the damage by using proper materials. Thanks!! I would like to help you with the specifics, but we would need to see photos showing the lean, a diagram of the spacing of the 7 trunks, and a quick sketch with dimensions of the shape of platform you intend to build. But if you still want to buy something, a makeshift lightning rod will do. Greetings – I am mid build, the platform is up and secure, but it has more wobble than I’m comfortable with, I’m not sure if I’m over-reacting or if some movement is normal / inevitable. What do you think? In fact, I have seen other people do that. I have found three trees that could work for the house, though. These will cost a bit more, take longer to install, but have more character. Do I need to worry about movement of the tree if I am resting on the large base? Would bracing between the joists (a span of approximately 46″) be sufficient? Stumps will usually support a load safely until the roots rot underground. You can use either configuration. How large should each pine tree be for the installation of TABS? Our treehouse bridge kits are tension style bridges. They may also serve as workspace for nature scientists and photographers observing and filming wildlife. 2. I have several mills located in my area and have decided to use green white oak for the entire tree house, structural and finish, with the hopes of adding in eastern red cedar where I can. 2. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Not leaving room for the tree to grow – boxing around The design you described is a free/cheap design that doesn’t take tree growth or movement into account. tall.) The other end of the 2×6 joists would have 3-4″ diameter pipe holding the house up. Source this hardware online from a custom treehouse builder. The tree has two other large limbs and is still fully alive. I was wondering is there something to treat a log you want to use as a vertical support so it doesn’t rot. But to answer the question, yes, you can allow the tree to grow over the spacers. If you choose to build on a softwood tree, then the branches need to be thicker than 8 inches. It should be fine. I hope this points you in the right direction. Thanks! This is not a bad thing of itself - seeing things from different angles in actually an advantage - but for some people just don’t have a lot of free time on their hands and would like a more comprehensive approach.

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