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July 11, 2016

upright bass bridge

Stands: Which Bass Stand is Best for You? All bridges require fitting. Having the feet flush ensures good contact between the bridge and the top, which contributes to both the stability of the bridge and the quality of sound the bass can produce. Dr. Donovan Stokes is on the faculty of Shenandoah University-Conservatory. Buy 2. The underside of the bridge (the side closest to the tailpiece) should be perpendicular to the top of the bass, not tilted forward or back. $10.00 shipping. We didn't want it to be complicated, so here it is, Las Vegas, NV, United States. Hand made white/unfinished 3/4 upright bass,spurce top/Plywood back,double bass The bridge is excellent quality. Strings: Choices for Rockabilly/Psychobilly Slap, Strings: Choices for Electric Upright Basses, Pickups: Choosing Pickups for Your Double Bass, Preamps: Choosing a Preamp for Your Upright Bass. most places i talked to acted as if "you don't know what you need? 100+ Joined Reverb. Shouldn’t there be at least a degree of variance or angle so that double stops are more easily played in tune ? some violins are 325mm (12.79528 inches) or (12 25/32 inches) from the nut to the bridge, others are as much as 328mm (12.9134 inches) or (12 29/32 inches) from the nut to the bridge. Doesn’t a perpendicular bridge adversely affect individual string intonation ? The instructions and advice you offered were invaluable. So I just shipped my upright from LA to Western Mass, and the dude at the music shop told me to loosen up all my strings to take off my bridge and put it next to the neck (with foam padding and all that so nothing was loose and had extra protection), but I was unaware of this soundpost business. Only 2 left. Having a properly set up bridge on your upright is an important factor in the playability, sound and the long-term health of your instrument. Double basses have different neck angles, which results in the need for different sized bridges -- you can't buy a bridge "off the shelf" to immediately fit your bass. In addition to affecting the sound adversely, it places uneven pressure on the top and can weaken the stability of your bridge. We stock bridges in many sizes, both fixed and adjustable, depending on your need and preference. Payment & Returns. My bass sounds great. By popular demand, our stickers are now back in stock. If you have adjusters, you can often press on the bridge to get the underside perpendicular. Keeping pressure on the bridge, via the strings, keeps things in place. If the bridge is cut properly, the topside of the bridge (the side closest to the fingerboard) may appear to be leaning back. F hole notches are only a guide, not to be trusted on every violin. I have a plywood bass and the bridge is a mess! or Best Offer. I would recommend that you have a scrolling saw and a belt sander to make the installation much easier. $200. If the post is fit correctly originally, it shouldn’t be a big deal. About This Listing. I think I could make my bass play/sound much better thanks to this article but the part about the sound post has me worried… Could I strap the body of the bass to keep pressure on the sound post while I work on the bridge? The G string on my upright is a little too low, The D string action is perfect, Is there a way to raise the G string and not the D, I have NO spacers on the bridge, Is there a spacer of some kind I could make to go under the string? It may be tempting to raise one side or the other to make one string higher or lower. document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); Lots of New Stuff to 99. The distance from the F-holes should be equal for each foot. Of course, adjustable height bridges are also often a necessity to compensate for seasonal … We have a few options for adjusters; aluminum one- and two-piece adjusters, as well as deluxe ebony (wood) adjusters. © 2020 No Treble, LLC and respective copyright holders. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. Hello, I don’t see how a bridge perpendicular to the top of the bass would effect individual string intonation. I followed your simple instructions and with the help of my wife this bass has NEVER SOUNDED BETTER.

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