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July 11, 2016

violin fingerboard height

During the planing I will periodically check my progress with the fingerboard template and the scribed lines on the fingerboard sides. I check with a straight-edge lengthwise and crosswise. I then set my dividers to make a circle that will meet both sides of the 1.5 mm lines I just scribed. Violin Fingering for notes played in the 1st position are to the right of the fingerboard. -Wet or dry sandpaper: 220 grit, 320 grit, 600 grit Setting up is the final adjustment of the violin. (6.5cm x 3= 19.5cm on most 4/4 violins) 4. With violin and viola it is highly unlikely, so I will stick with what looks good and bring it to a point. The strings run over the fingerboard, between the nut and bridge. At this point I decide which end of the fingerboard to finish first and will explain how to finish this end. 9. block plane will do. The rest of the work (like finishing the top surface) is done with the fingerboard attached. The key to making a good fingerboard gluing surface is the plane blade. At this time it’s possible to go back and double check that the angles are still right at the ends of the fingerboard. Thick Size .01 x 2mm thick, 147mm x 39mm. This indicates those two notes are enharmonic, meaning, even though they are named or "spelled" differently, they sound the same pitch. On cellos, most fingerboards will have a "Romberg", a flat section under the C-string. If you feel uncomfortable with your ability to make the end work in a millimeter or less, leave it longer. Fretless violin fingerboard. A little prep work is involved to get the blank ready. I line the template up with the lines I marked on the fingerboard sides. You can see the string is continuously vibrated by the bow, unlike an. I use a paring chisel for this step. After scraping, I sand it. Easier said than done, I know. It is possible to do it the cowboy way and use a flat file to establish the ends. Once the blade is sharpened properly, it makes the rest of the job easier. -Pencil (13 cm / 2=6.5 cm on most 4/4 violins) 3. These notes require the violinist to "shift" the position of their hand to a higher position on the keyboard in order to play these notes. Fingerboards need a "hollow or "scoop". This is especially true with the widths. A little trial and error is the best way to find the right placement that works. The radius of the sole is the result of trial and error. For an explanation of shifting, visit Shifting & Positions. Sometimes there is confusion on this point because some luthiers measure to the bottom of the string and some to the middle. I move the blade in a side to side motion with my fingers applying pressure on outsides of the blade. The 2mm shim will give you a 4mm height difference at the bridge. Planes Block plane A flat sole block plane is used for finer work, ie. The fingerboard (also known as a fretboard on fretted instruments) is an important component of most stringed instruments. -Fingerboard template A violin bow in slow-motion, tuned down to exaggerate the motion. I didn’t talk at all about cello rombergs (canted fingerboards). reducing the rib or fingerboard height. This pressure allows for a slight convexity. When rounding the plane, it is a good idea to keep the blade in the plane and just back it out a little. The video shows the side to side motion. Apart from the usual assortment of wood working tools, you will need some tools and jigs which are used specifically in violin making. Owner Jerry Pasewicz is a member of the International Association of Violin and Bow Makers (EILA) and a current member and President Emeritus of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. Our jig will accommodate violin through cello fingerboards. The final widths will be 24 mm at the nut (32mm cello), 32 mm at the neck foot (44.5 mm cello), and 42 mm at the bridge end (63-65 mm cello). –Alberti Disc Sander After I have established the edge on the Tormek, I finish the edge of the blade on wet stones by hand. I use a marking gauge set 5.5 mm for violin, 6 mm for viola, and 7.5 mm for cello. The block plane has been modified for fingerboard use only.

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