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July 11, 2016

where are hydro flasks made

They don’t care about U.S. citizens, and they don’t care about the United States, just maximum profit and a lot of their larger investors aren’t even U.S. citizens. The core stainless which is holding the liquid is from China. I was just thinking, what good is a pure USA made SS water bottle if we put contanminated, fluoridated water in it? Have a great day . The Polar Bear stainless steel bottles are not actually made in the USA either. top 5 favorite stainless steel water bottles, http://www.cafepress.com/+made_in_usa_stainless_water_bottle_06l,570240001, https://www.jacobbromwell.com/timeless-copper-thermos, http://nontoxicninjas.wpengine.com/the-only-stainless-steel-travel-mug-made-in-the-usa/. Part of the jacobbromwell price tag is that they are using copper. Yes, you could form a market over time, but there’s no guarantee; which no manufacturer wants to hear. Direct benefits for American workers on a Chinese product. Vacuum seal technology is not new. We did find two stainless steel bottles NOT made in China: the Snow Peak Kanpai Bottle is made in Japan, and the Laken brand is made in Spain. There is a vacuum between the inner and outer wall of the Hydro Flask that is sealed using a proprietary method. I’m not super hard core about not buying Chinese stuff but I prefer not to. C’mon wouldn’t you love to receive one as a gag gift for Christmas? Hi Benjamin! Their website states the following about their stainless steel bottles: “This is one of the only Polar Bottle products that is not entirely made in the USA. We’ve spoken with them before (see below in the comments) and while they are made in the USA, they are made with aluminum which requires an epoxy liner. I’m afraid you’re right R. We double checked and it doesn’t seem to be made in the USA. MAKE USA-MADE STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLES GREAT AGAIN!!! But according to our friends at thinksport and Klean Kanteen, the logistics of manufacturing a stainless steel bottle in America are out of this world and extremely cost-prohibitive. We’ll shoot you an email. We bring vessel in USA and assemble bottle here in USA with all other part. Concerned Parent, LAKEN is China. I hope you’ll join our mission to provide clean water to those in need while staying hydrated! We use the same stainless steel as some of our competitors (ie Hydro Flask) as we use the same manufacturers. The government that is supposed to be the voice and power of the public, that keeps the wealthy greed mongers in line. The inside has no liner and the outside is powder coated with paint that is a thermoset polymer. I haven’t been able to confirm this, but it seems so. YETI brand makes a stainless steel double-walled vacuum stainless steel bottle. I’d love an insulated stainless USA made bottle and would be willing to pay a decent amount for being made in the USA, We totally agree with you on that point. We get SO many questions about products made from stainless steel and also happen to be water bottle addicts, so we’ve gathered our favorites here for you. What's even more interesting is how they achieve this while making the bottles out of very simple materials. I thought that was probably the case, because in five years, I’ve never found a single stainless steel bottle made in the USA. ~Alicia. Is PURA a safe brand of stainless steel bottles? Unfortunately, Nalgene’s products have gotten worse over the last decade. Then the cost to solve all the design problems to make sure the lid doesn’t leak, opens and closes properly, it just keeps adding up. We looked for over a year for a US manufacturer and could not find one. MADE IN U.S.A: http://www.libertybottles.com/. Great American Products make SS bottles in the USA. The only company that I have found that makes metal bottles entirely in the US and made with material and even machines from the USA. A corporations number one and only concern is maximum return to their investors, period. I think the bigger question that should be asked is: for all SS kitchenware products that are made in the USA, what is the source of the steel? Hi Ron, have they added stainless steel? I’m very skeptical of made in China products since this discovery. Soy? YES there is!! Hydro Flask makes double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles backed by a lifetime warranty. No Stainless water bottles made in the U.S….and Donald Trump is vying for the presidency….we are doomed. Regardless, in my opinion the Guyot Designs water bottles have been some of the better made bottles. I didn’t come here to make a political rant but when I read statements like that it burns me up, and it should every U.S. citizen, actually all people of the world, because it negatively affects people around the world. The paint is applied electrostatically and then it is cured under heat. We just chose our top 5 favorites, but we very much like Hydro Flask as well! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The only metal bottle on the market that is truly, Made in America. P.P.S. The aluminum bottles are made in Spain but not the steel. So, I pretty much wasted $50…. Klean Kanteen, Pathfinder, Guyot, Hydro Flask and Blackthorn Bottle are all made in China. Opps too late! My dad still uses a 1980’s era Stanley thermos that was made in Franklin Tennessee. We choose the manufacturers we recommend very carefully. Pretty sure it’s made in China. Plus, 9 Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Bedroom (including dust mites and airborne pollution) It’s time to…. Not the healthiest of entries but found this fact to be true while looking for U.S. Made S/S flasks…Ya, flasks. We’ll be anxious to hear what you find out! My experiences purchasing any stainless steel products of a similar nature manufactured in China has been CORROSION, RUSTING SEAMS AND HOLES . A few have gotten filthy rich by robbing from everyone else including and especially the country. Very expensive though! Why is it so expensive now to make vacuum bottles versus back then??? I’m wondering just what the logistics are that make manufacturing in the US so cost-prohibitive. 6 Ways To Lock a Coleman, Igloo or Other Cheap Cooler, 10 Best RTIC Cooler Locks: Stop Your RTIC Getting Stolen, How To Properly Lock a Yeti Cooler: Stop Your Yeti Being Stolen. I talk more about this in the story behind Hydro Flask. We take GREAT care to ensure that the factories we work with are not only up to American standards, but exceed them. Rating. back to the U.S. You can read about them here: http://nontoxicninjas.wpengine.com/the-only-stainless-steel-travel-mug-made-in-the-usa/, QUOTE: “now they have little-to-no competitors they can charge whatever they like to turn a profit”. Will NEVER purchase aluminium bottles again. Curious what you think about the “Better for your” brand of stainless steel cups found on Amazon. So, what is it? So you’re wondering if there are any stainless steel water bottles made in the USA, huh? This is one of the most common requests we hear from our customers and blog readers. Liberty Bottle Works is the only company I have found making metal bottles in the USA. The good news is that there’s a Veteran owned company currently working hard to bring stainless steel manufacturing for their mugs (and hopefully bottles in the future!) I miss the Steel Foundry days of America. This has been one of the top questions we've heard from our blog readers since we first published this article in 2009. Required fields are marked *. “But the logistics of manufacturing a stainless steel bottle in America are out of this world and extremely cost-prohibitive.”. At the end of the day, we’re speaking for a small market (that could grow, yes), where the output numbers would be between a couple of very expensive craftsmen and a machined manufacturer. ~Alicia, I know of some stainless steel toy keys that are made in the USA We have our stainless steel sent for FDA testing to be sure they are food-safe. We’ve done the research and have the scoop! Hydro Flask gear can replace single-use plastics like plastic water bottles and to-go containers. Learn more about me here. Yes. If foreign countries and companies were flooding our market with cheap junk to under cut our manufacturing maybe we should have done something to stop it. These drink bottles had no lining material only a machine finish or smooth moulded wall. hjs3 says: May 24, 2015 at 11:30 am Not the healthiest of entries but found this fact to be true while looking for U.S. Made S/S flasks…Ya, flasks. They are made in China, but say they are rigorously tested. The salt formations were excessive. #RefillForGood is our rally cry to encourage people to make the … It was supposed to be on the top 5 water bottles post. Hey I’m Ryan McLean, the guy behind The Cooler Box. Thanks for pointing that out.. In 2013 and 2014 Hydro Flask worked hard to remove the use of lead from their manufacturing process.

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